February 13, 2008

No School .... la la la ..... No School

No School again today .........................

My 3 GC (15, 10, & 7) came over this morning and did some crafting. 15yr made Valentine's. 10 and 7 year olds made t-shirts. Afterwards we had to go to Joann's and check out all their goodies.

Of course we had to talk to our boyfriend .... that's my cat, Sweetie, taking a nap.

And I finished piecing this bar quilt, pieced the backing together and attached the label. I'm ready to quilt it on Prince.

Poor DH had to go for his 2nd sleep test last night for Sleep Apnea .... he was very tired when he got home at 6AM. So he thought he'd take alittle nap with his cat "Mister" before going to work.

"Oh No" Sponge Bob is frozen in the fish pond ..... no need to worry because the fish are down deep and probably asleep.

Two frozen cats made their way into the house.

We hardly ever get snow as we're in the valley (Mid Ohio Valley) ... a few inches a year is about it. I love the way the backyards of all my neighbors look with snow.

Now our Son-In-Law is crazy crazy for WVU so he painted his barn blue and gold. He's certainly been the hit of all the neighbors (male) who want to paint their barns blue and gold but their wives say "NO NO NEVER"


Lissa Jane said...

I like the blue barn! and the snow! man, thats a lot of snow! I have never ever seen snow in real life.. winter in australia where I live, it rarely gets under 10C throught day (10C is around 48F) and I dont mind that at all!
the bar quilt looks great and looks like the kids had a whole lotta fun!


Irene said...

Wish you'd send me some of your energy! Hope Doug gets some good news after his sleep tests. You know I LOVE all your quilts!

Irene said...

Wish you could send me some of your energy. The amount of stuff you get done is amazing! Hope Doug gets some good news after his tests.

Mary Lynn said...

Great entry sharing the joys of a simple day at home!

Carolyn said...

Looks like everyone had a fun day. Your quilts are beautiful. I like the blue and gold barn. The hit of the neighborhood.