February 3, 2008

Mardi Gras Celebration

No quilting today .... today we're having fun and celebrating being a FAMILY.

Our family attends St. Xavier Catholic Church where DH is a Deacon. It's a very old Church, 1859. That's GD#2 with DH.

Today we had our Mardi Gras celebration before Lent starts in the Parish Hall. The food oh the food was wonderful. We had chicken/sausage jambalaya, shrimp jambalaya, garlic bread, salad and dessert that I didn't get the name.

We also have a terrific Associate Pastor from India ... Fr. Dass (Rev. Soosai Arpudam Arokiadass, H.G.N.). He is a much loved favorite with all of us especially the children.

Dinners in the Parish Hall are always fun and there's always something special for the little ones.
Making their mask for Mardi Gras today

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