February 7, 2008

Cell Phone and/or Camera Bag

I had to drop everything this week to make these cute (I think they are) bags for my GD's. Of course, they went to School and friends just had to have one too. Bag production is over ......

This little bag I made for myself, lined with fleece started the whole thing. It holds my cell phone because I could never find it in my purse. It doesn't have a closure as I sit it inside of a zippered pocket in my purse.

The girls were thrilled. In fact, they came over and spent quite some time looking through my fabric stash for just the right fabrics. Then they had to look through my fleece scraps again for just the right one. First they only wanted them for their cell phones until they discovered that their digital camera fit too. Of course, they each had to have two (2) bags.

No I don't have a pattern .... I just winged it. Although awhile back a nice blogger (Lisa) sent me instructions which I kind of used. The bags are approximately 6 inches long by 3.75 inches wide. The cuff is a bias strip . Each bag is lined with fleece. I used an elastic hair band for the closure with a button.

By the way the buttons are from my GD's Great-Grandmother Margaret's button box (thanks Aunt Mary Ruth).

I did find a nice tutorial at Cotton Spice but in the end I decided to do my own thing. I'm sure there are other "free" tutorials on the internet, search Goggle.

I'm thrilled, as are the girls, with our cell phone and/or camera bags.


country mouse said...

Those cell phone/camera bags are so cute! What a great little gift.

Also wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment. I'm new to the blogging thing and am always excited to see someone new comment. Thanks for visiting me.

Jan said...

Those bags are so cute--I can see why the girls like them so much!

Anonymous said...

The bags are so cute! Don't you know that all the girls' friends will be wanting them for their phones and cameras? Prepare to be busy.

ponderpiggy said...

Cute cute cute!!! Ya done good, Girl!

Anonymous said...

Great job on those, I love the colors! I think it was my blog that I had posted the mini-tote on, and yes I changed the name of it (used to be Quilting Beat, now it's Stringbean Keekers), sorry about that. But yours are way cute! :)