November 29, 2008

Dining Room Chairs Upholstery

My MIL gave me her dining room furniture. It's quite old probably 1930's-1940's. The set consists of table with 6 chairs, china cabinet and buffet. I have a dining room suite so DD#1 wanted the table and china cabinet.. We're recovering the dining room chairs as part of her birthday .... (shhhh she'll be 40 on Dec. 2).

First off comes the seats.

The chairs are reconditioned with Formby's Lemon Oil (love that stuff).

The seat are quite hard. Foam added to the seat will help ... to keep it in place I used painters blue tape.

Back side of seat.

She picked out upholstery fabric when Joann's had it at 50% off .... great deal.

I like to add regular cotton fabric underneath the upholstery to give it stability.

To hold it all together I use quilting basting spray, lightly.

Now that foam is a little hard so I got the idea of adding 2 layers of fleece. I scrounged around in my fleece scraps and zig zaged them together. That is know as "stashbusting".

Upholstery fabric is cut about 3" larger than the actual seat size. I did this so I'd have plenty of wrap around to accommodate the foam, 2 layers of fleece and 2 layers of cotton.

We decided to stable the cotton lining on first. This way we didn't have to worry about anything sliding or getting out of place.

Just a few stables all around to hold it in place.

I cut out the corners to reduce the bulk.

Corners are neatly folded over and stapled in place.

The upholstery fabric is stapled on, the opposing corners are stabled.. The fabric was fraying a bit so I used Fray Check only on the upholstery fabric.

The last touch was DH used a touch-up marker to fix scratches on the chairs.
The seats turned out beautifully ......


Oh Me, Oh My, OUCH!!!!!!!!!!

GD#2 tripped today and broke her arm in 2 places. She was having friends over to spend the night when she tripped over one of the girls hitting the floor .... rug burn near her eye and left arm broken in 2 places.

She's have to wait until sometime next week for her cast.

Frozen pea helps with the pain.

Tippy is very said for her playmate (actually she thinks she might get a piece of fudge).

November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

We're thankful for so much .... our family, our health, our love and our home.

We also thank the military for protecting our Country and preserving Freedom.

EDIT: adding photos from dinner

Now to take a nap. Then we'll go over to DD#1's house for dessert. LOL

November 26, 2008

Give Away Day December 3

I will be participating in Sew, Mama, Sew's give-away day (Dec. 3) all over blogland. Check back on December 3 for my guidelines and gift.

I will give you a heads up ... one of my guidelines will be that to enter my giveaway you must have a working blog. That means your blog has to have at least one current posting .... a link back for an email address won't be enough this time around.

See you next week.

Cranberry Chutney

Many years ago I took a cooking class at the local health food store. Dave, owner, is a wonderful cook. At that time he also had an eatery connected to the store. I can't tell you how many times I stopped there on my way home from work to pick up dinner. Alas, sometime ago he closed the eatery to expand his health and organic food selections.

Back to my story ... we cooked up some fabulous meals during that class, had lots of fun and some of the recipes I'm still making. BUT (there's always a but) somewhere along the line I lost the recipe booklet.

One of the recipes we still make and love is Cranberry Chutney. DH makes it only at Thanksgiving and Christmas .... I guess just to make it extra special.

Here he is ..... recipe at the bottom. You might recognize this style of photo if you read 365 Crockpot Blog (I do, love that blog). Oops the apple didn't make it in the photo.

The start with spices.

Adding his special touch.

Now to cook it down.

Official taste tester GD#1

All pretty in the jars ........ it won't last long tomorrow.

Doug's Cranberry Chutney

Go HERE for the correct recipe.

Twisted Turning Twenty part 2

As I've said in prior postings I'm participating in Donna's In The Attic Blog sew along.

We're making the Twisted Turning Twenty quilt with 12 fat quarters (6 light, 6 dark). Quilt is from the Original Turning Twenty Book by Tricia Cribbs .

This past Monday 11/24 Donna gave us our instructions ... sew our light blocks and dark blocks together.

I'm done ....... here's mine

Stayed tuned part 3 will be next Monday 12/1.

November 22, 2008

String Quilt Crazy, I am

NOTE: This is not my string quilt .... please read below for the owner. I didn't want to mislead anyone.

I am CRAZY for string quilts, string anything. Isn't this the most fabulous quilt (which I borrowed) ..... you can read all about it over at Karen's blog. I love her blog and never miss reading it everyday.

November 21, 2008

Twisted Turning Twenty Sew Along

Twisted Turning Twenty

Quilt from the Original Turning Twenty Book by Tricia Cribbs we're making.

I'm participating in Donna's In The Attic Blog sew along. We're making the Twisted Turning Twenty quilt with 12 fat quarters (6 light, 6 dark). Every Monday Donna will give us our instructions ... we'll be going along slowly. This week we were to cut our fabrics.

"Sew" I finished cutting my fabrics tonight .... life got in the way this week.
I'm ready for next Monday 11/24.

My fabrics, I had to make a slight fabric switch as one of my pinks wasn't a fat quarter.

To see the real contrast in your fabrics take a photo in black'n'white. Thanks Vicki for that hint.

I'm ready for next week. I'm really excited about our sew along .... it'll be fun. Thanks Donna

All Clean and Ready

Can you guess what this means?????

Well it means we dumped all the food from our deep freeze onto our back porch .... yep it's cold outside, really cold ........ it's frigid out there. Twice a year we buy 1/4 of a side of beef from friends who raise Murray Grey's. They're not in the "selling of beef" market but do sell off a couple cows to friends. We were co-workers at GE Plastics for many many years.

The beef is just about perfect .... very lean, no chemicals .... we love it. We're getting 187.5 pounds this time around. The meat packing place does 1 lb packages, no fat added and freeze it solid.

Our freezer has been creeping into the ice age for sometime ... see photo below. DH took a hair dryer to melt it some so he could pry it off. Only took him about 45 min.

Our freezer is free of ice, clean and ready. Now to lug all the food back down to the freezer (we live in a split entry).

November 19, 2008

Wednesday Quilt Group

I had a blast today at our Wednesday Quilt Group. I'll just tease you with a couple photos ...... if you'll jump over to our Stitcher's Blog you can see more.

I love quilting with these women ...... they are always supportive, kind and full of love.


November 18, 2008

SNOW is a dirty 4 letter word

We never have snow this early in the winter .... 2 days in a row. Today was about 3inches and Schools were on a 2 hour delay. I managed to get all 3 GC to their 3 different Schools.

Only people having fun are Oreo (left) and Tippy (right)

Please let this be all the snow we get for months ........

p l e a s e