November 18, 2008

SNOW is a dirty 4 letter word

We never have snow this early in the winter .... 2 days in a row. Today was about 3inches and Schools were on a 2 hour delay. I managed to get all 3 GC to their 3 different Schools.

Only people having fun are Oreo (left) and Tippy (right)

Please let this be all the snow we get for months ........

p l e a s e


Carolyn said...

That looks about how much we had this morning in the Upper Ohio Valley. Sadly, we will probably get more before winter is over.
Carolyn in WV

Irene said...

You are so right - it is a dirty 4 letter word! If it makes you feel any better, it looks just like that out my window right now too. YUCK!