March 29, 2009

My Mother

My mother lives in San Diego and has lived there since the 1970's. Now that she's older she rarely drives the freeways. "IF" she did drive the freeway I know this is exactly what would happen.


Of course, when I go out to visit her I 'get' to drive the freeway .... I hate it.

March 28, 2009

Girl Scouts

Are they having fun .... absolutely. The girl made 12 tote bags. The bags were filled with items like shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, books and the like. The bags were donated to a local children's organization.

Yes that is a paper towel. Only one (1) of the girls knew how to sew with a sewing machine. I forgot to bring scrap fabric so I drew some lines on a paper towel for the girls to practice sewing. It worked out great.

Time for a little break from sewing and card making. Yummy.

Here's a close up of a couple of the tote bags. They made 12 in total; 6 girlie ones and 6 for boys.

Now time to fill the bags up with all the goodies. Very important to make sure girl totes only have girlie items and boy totes with only boy items.

Cards were also made for the local Senior Center who deliver meals to the homebound. The cards will certainly brighten up the lives of many seniors.

Great Job girls. THANK YOU

March 27, 2009

Quilting Arts Show Revisted

I wrote recently that I'm now receiving Quilting Arts via PBS. I wasn't so thrilled with the first show I saw and wrote about it HERE I take it all back ..... second show was right up my alley and I loved every moment of the Show.

The two (2) shots above is all about making your own fabric using shaving creme and paint. I can't wait to give it a whirl. Here's a YouTube video, just one of many on the internet.

These are template plates. You use the Shiva PaintStiks. You'll find a video HERE

The two (2) photos above are quilts made with the Shiva Paint Sticks.

Another project they shows was using your printer to make fabric with words on it.
The whole show was FANTASTIC ..... I can't wait to watch more Quilting Arts.

NOTE: These are not my quilts .... all shots were taken with my camera while the show was playing on the TV. Go to and register for more info on the shows.

March 26, 2009

Local Quilt Show

DH and I went to a local Quilt Show recently .... small but interesting.

This one was my favorite ...... lots of pebbling.

This Bunny quilt was DH's favorite ..... the work was super outstanding.

I did take photos of most, if not all, of the quilts. Unfortunately somewhere leaving the show and getting home I lost the paper with all the quilters name and other info. SORRY.
ENJOY !!!!!!!!!!!

March 25, 2009

Bad, I've been bad

Saturday, March 20 was National Quilt Day. I didn't stitch or quilt a single item. I've been feeling a little down lately so last week and this week I did some treating .... treating to myself.

I bought myself some stiks from the Woolen Willow Shop. I stopped there after visiting my father in the nursing home. Yes I know you see that jelly roll .... bought it at WalMart on Friday morning for $20.00 .... I'm just curious but the fabrics do seem to be ok.

Now a week or so ago when all the things started with my father I read about Suzanne Earley of MQResources longarm forum having a BIG sale to make room for more goodies. So, of course, I stopped by her Knots and Bolts online Store. I couldn't resist the prices ... beautiful, lovely GREAT fabric.

Now on Saturday I had these coupons for JC Penney's burning in my pocket. I can't remember the last time I purchased clothing for myself .... long long time. About 2 months ago I started exercising again (Summer is coming you know) and keeping my eating in check. I keep my GC during the summer and we live at the North Hills Swim & Racquet Club (my own DD's swam and played tennis there too). We love it and our pool manager, Linda, is the BEST. So DH and I headed to Penney's after our workouts at the YMCA to shop. Unfortunately he didn't find a thing.
I struck gold. Three (3) new swimsuits (size 10), 2 new bras and 3 new workout tshirts (size M). I'm very pleased and thrilled with my goodies.

Everyone who knows me knows I LOVE SUMMER and I LOVE HOT WEATHER ....... bring it on, I'm, ready !

March 24, 2009


DH brought in a package that was left on our door step ..... I couldn't remember ordering anything ..... then I remembered that I was a WINNER on Moda Lissa blog.

I won a ball of selvages ......... I'm just thrilled with Moda Lissa's giveway. THANK YOU

March 23, 2009

Quilts In Women's Lives

You may have seen this video ... it's making the rounds on Quilting forums

It's about 15 minutes long and made in 1981 BUT it's still interesting.

Now I have a pretty old computer so I have to turn the sound off and let the video run completely through .... "then" I watch it.

March 22, 2009

Parenting your own Parent


Recently I had to place my father in a nursing home. A 4 day hospital stay did him in . The delicate balance between early dementia and Alzheimer's has now tipped over to Alzheimer's.

If you think you might ever become the "parent" to your parent I want to give you a friendly warning in reference to government agencies. It has been a nightmare the last 6 weeks and it continues.

Even though I became his financial POA and health POA back in 2006 Social Security, Pipefitters Pension and other do not recognize POA's. Now if he could say on the phone "my daughter has my permission" everything would be rosie. Now I ask you ... how would the guy at Social Security or the Pipefitters Pension know that the guy speaking those words was my father .... I mean can they see over the phone .... give me a break.

Two (2) very important documents are needed in order to file his taxes .... so far I haven't been able to obtain replacements. I guess I could write a note to the IRS and tell them to contact Social Security and Pipefitters Pension for those 2 forms because I can't get them .... hmmm that might not be a bad idea.

All I want is to have his mailing address change to my address .... that's it .... just to change the address. His checks are on direct deposit .... I don't want that changed ... just the damn correspondence mailing address. Oh and by the way filing a change of address doesn't work because the Post Office doesn't forward any Government type mail.

So here is my WARNING .... have your parent(s) speak those words over the phone while they still can do it.

This photo was taken in December 2007.

My father was residing at an assisted living home, able to take care of himself pretty much, did activities everyday, watch all types of sports on tv. In January 2007 he was diagnosed with early stages of dementia and needed help taking medications, doctor appointments, finances and the like. Also at that time his drivers license was revoked. Although he felt he could do everything on his own he did check himself into the assisted living establishment.

Fast forward to Friday, February 13, 2009. That morning he complained of chest pains, he walked out the door into the ambulance transport. It was first thought he needed a pacemaker but later it was determined his beta blocker was causing the problem. On Tuesday, February 17 I received a call that he was combative and although I had repeatedly told them he had dementia they said "he might have dementia". I had him committed to a local hospital's Daybreak Psych Unit; he had been there back in 2006. I forgot to tell you that in the 4 days he was at the 1st hospital he lost 4 pounds, was allowed to become dehydrated, they missed a UTI, he wasn't able to walk unaided or talk. So he spent 3 weeks at Daybreak and finally recognized me sometimes and could walk again.

All of these things pushed him over the edge and now he's closer to full blown Alzheimer's. On occasion he knows me. Presently he's residing at a nursing home.

March 21, 2009

Making Quilt Kits

In February I was going to attend a local Quilt Retreat. I made up several Warm Wishes kits to take on the retreat. Unfortunately my father became ill and I had to cancel. So now I'm four (4) kits to the good. I love the Warm Wishes pattern .... it always comes out perfect.
Here's a few that I've made. Mickey Mouse was donated to the High School Band fund raiser; Baseball I use when my GS plays baseball in the Spring and Fall and last is one I made for my mother that has fleece on the back.

March 20, 2009

Spring Has Arrived

It's finally here ..... this means summer (my favorite) isn't far behind.

March 17, 2009

Happy St. Paddy's Day

Happy St. Paddy's Day ......... hey wouldn't that make a great wall hanging on a fireplace .... someday.

March 12, 2009

YMCA Sharks ... he's a winner

Heat Winner times two (2).
One for back stroke and one for breast stroke (see those 2 fingers). YEA

GS waiting his turn


DH - Head Timer, DD#1 Timer

March 11, 2009

New Quilt Show - Quilting Arts

Quilting Arts showed up last week on a local station. I was so excited. My friend, Bonnie, called to make sure I was watching.

An applique tshirt with matching pants from decorator fabric (above). Below was machine embroidery.

I'm was disappointed. I thought the show would be new and innovative but what I saw was pretty much the same as other quilting shows.

I'm still be watching though ..... I'm sure I'll learn something new. We are so lucky to have quilting shows in our area.

March 10, 2009

My Strip Twist

Last summer I fell in love with Bonnie Hunter's Strip Twist quilt pattern. So I finally got around to making one of my own from my tons of scraps this year.

After trimming up some of my scraps I was ready to go. Now I did consider keeping the trims but decided that would be just too too much.

They're all nicely pressed and paired into lights and darks.

Here's they are matched up and ready for sewing. Actually I had enough to make two (2) quilts.

I'm very happy with the results ...... now to get it quilted. Any ideas.

You can find the Strip Twist FREE pattern HERE and many many other FREE patterns.