May 26, 2008

WVU Fan's Landscape

Go Mountaineers ............. Go WVU

Our SIL, Shaun, is a die-hard WVU Fan and his landscaping proves it. Now many of their neighbors and ours (we live behind them) seem to be having a contest on who is the biggest WVU Fan. Blue and Gold are everywhere .... down to the last detail.

I'm sure someday that the WVU flag above will be made into a quilt ....... I can't wait. Check out the yellow flowers in blue pots below and all the other details ..........

Now this goose is definitely the Piece de la resistance. Professionally painted by SIL and GS ....

Look close, very close as no detail was left undone ....... check out those eyelashes. LOL

AND this storage shed is one-of-a-kind ........ all of the other men in our neighborhood are so jealous .... their wives said "no, absolutely not". Our SIL is one lucky man that is for sure. All you WVU Fans out there, all over the World, Eat Your Heart Out!!!!

Go Mountaineers

Marshmellow & Weinie Roast

We worked hard on our landscape, cleaning up the yards, mowing grass, planting flowers. So we gathered at GC's house to have a marshmellow and weinie roast at GC house to top off the day.

Under the blue sky ......... it was the ending to a perfect day.

Daddy made new roasting sticks ..... do not try this at home (hint ... the tape melts and your fork will fall off). LOL

For all you country folks this is know as a City Fire ........ perfect for marshmellows and vienna sausages (kids love them).

Sing some songs and tell jokes .....

AND invite a neighborhood friend to enjoy in the fun.

Oh dear all the vienna sausages are gone ..... let's roast a hunk of turkey.

I should have brought a quilt over ... as soon as the sun went down it was chilly.
Pappy telling a ghost story (almost one that is).

Having fun ...........

Best friends.............

Good Night, Sweet Dreams ...............

May 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Brianna

Happy 11th Birthday darling, sweet Brianna

Pappy makes yard signs every year for the birthdays .... check out all those 11's.

There she is .... our adorable, sweet, darling who is eleven today ..... WOW

So many presents.... webkins, jewelery, clothes, pj's, money, pink baseball glove, croc charms, and more. Check out that neat present bag that Nanny made.

Her favorite .... cookie cake in pink (of course).

Make a wish.

Tippy took a break from chasing Nanny & Pappy's cats (Mister & Sweetie) to attend the party.

Pappy likes to play tricks. One of the envelopes below holds a special surprise .... oh my oh my which one to choose. By the way she selected the one with her name.

Guess what was inside ..... a certificate to have her ears re-pierced and earrings ..... (yes all 3 envelopes contained the exact same gift .... what a tricker Pappy is).

Now see how talented this family is ........ check out our little brother.

Happy Birthday Brianna

May 15, 2008

Tulle + Silk Flowers = FUN

May's demo was, quilting silk flowers between tulle, by Carolyn. I took several videos ... see below. Thanks Carolyn for sharing.

Now I have a longer video but am clueless on how to format it so I can upload it to blogger. It's really long and as I've never figured out even how to do YouTube you'll have to settle for these 2 short videos (sorry).

I also took some photos of all the quilts from show'n'tell but once again I'm clueless on how to do a slideshow within blogger. So jump over to my webshots to see the photos (I can't get webshots slideshow to work at the moment (sorry)).

EDIT: I've received several email about this idea so want to add these comments:

Marlies from our longarm group finished the Church banner (below) and somehow she also put lettering (JOY) inside .... looks pretty good. (posted with Marlies' permission).

May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Mother's Day

It was a fabulous day in spite of the cold, rainy weather. My 2 daughters, 3 grandchildren, son-in-law and husband were here ..... we all celebrated the day together .... perfect.

Sweet flowers from my GC ..... never need water .... they're perfect.

Now for my WOW present ........ 8 place setting of 'RED' Fiesta ....... I can't wait to use them. Thanks to my two DD's, SIL, 3 GC and DH.

By the way did you know that Fiesta is made in a small town of Newell, West Virginia ...........

AND a Cusinart Food Processor/Blender .......

Aren't the Pink cancer hats adorable.

DD#2 and GD#2 .... two peas in a pod.

Thanks family I love my presents ........... red is my favorite color.

I think I'll have to quilt up some placemats ....... off to search for a free pattern.

May 9, 2008

Elmer's Washable School Glue and Quilts

A few months ago I heard that Sharon Schamber uses Elmer's washable school glue on her bindings. Now I was intrigued and very sceptical but hey I'll try again once. I figured the idea had to be great after all the awards she wins so glue must be one of her good friends.

I went a step, well actually several steps, further in my glue usage. Now I'm sure you know that no one pieces perfectly (especially me) therefore sometimes my intersections aren't always perfect. I read a long time back that some people baste their intersections to make them as perfect as possible ... nah not me .... I glue now.

I almost always have to piece my backs and sometimes (as you know) the seam can turn back on itself while quilting .... yep I glue them down. The yellow line only 'represents' the glue. They're so nice after pressing.

EDIT: I now only use dots of glue, then iron dry. There's no need to lay down a line of glue, dots work perfectly.

You want those thick seams usually from string blocks to lay nice and flat ..... glue them, I do.

AND I even glue my label onto the backing fabric before stitching it in place. It works out great and Prince Charming quilts over the label nicely. I like to quilt in my label so that it can't be removed without extensive frogging.

Check out Sharon's FREE YouTube videos ..... watch the 3 part "Binding the Angel" for her binding glue tips. Your bindings will be perfect and you'll have beautiful corners ... I promise (rather Sharon promises).

I'm SOLD on Elmer's washable school glue .... sure wish I owned stock. LOL

Texas Roadhouse Team

Battttttteeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Up

Our grandson (7) is playing baseball this Spring. This past week he hit the ball which tied up the score 14/14 as he crossed the home plate. We won 15/14.

The coach awarded him the Game Ball ..... man what excitement.

I was all snuggled in my baseball quilt (Warm Wishes pattern).

Oops looks like I never took a photo of the finished quilt ....... hmmmmm. LOL