May 9, 2008

Texas Roadhouse Team

Battttttteeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Up

Our grandson (7) is playing baseball this Spring. This past week he hit the ball which tied up the score 14/14 as he crossed the home plate. We won 15/14.

The coach awarded him the Game Ball ..... man what excitement.

I was all snuggled in my baseball quilt (Warm Wishes pattern).

Oops looks like I never took a photo of the finished quilt ....... hmmmmm. LOL


jovaliquilts said...

What a terrific pattern for novelty prints! Love your quilting on it, too.

Your $5000 t=shirt made me laugh!

Kathy said...

He looks so proud, I love the excitement when the kids are having so much fun.
It has been chilly for DD softball games and we need to bundle up too.
Cute quilt!