May 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Brianna

Happy 11th Birthday darling, sweet Brianna

Pappy makes yard signs every year for the birthdays .... check out all those 11's.

There she is .... our adorable, sweet, darling who is eleven today ..... WOW

So many presents.... webkins, jewelery, clothes, pj's, money, pink baseball glove, croc charms, and more. Check out that neat present bag that Nanny made.

Her favorite .... cookie cake in pink (of course).

Make a wish.

Tippy took a break from chasing Nanny & Pappy's cats (Mister & Sweetie) to attend the party.

Pappy likes to play tricks. One of the envelopes below holds a special surprise .... oh my oh my which one to choose. By the way she selected the one with her name.

Guess what was inside ..... a certificate to have her ears re-pierced and earrings ..... (yes all 3 envelopes contained the exact same gift .... what a tricker Pappy is).

Now see how talented this family is ........ check out our little brother.

Happy Birthday Brianna


Irene said...

What great pictures - Happy Birthday Brianna! A pink baseball glove - boy, if they'd had those when I was younger, I might have been persuaded to play baseball.
Tippy is adorable and maybe Ryan will have a career in Cirque du Soleil!

Rian said...

How sweet. Eleven is a great age to be!!! And Tippy is cuteness personafied.

G'G'ma said...

Yum, a cookie Birthday Cake!!
Happy Birthday Briana.