May 15, 2008

Tulle + Silk Flowers = FUN

May's demo was, quilting silk flowers between tulle, by Carolyn. I took several videos ... see below. Thanks Carolyn for sharing.

Now I have a longer video but am clueless on how to format it so I can upload it to blogger. It's really long and as I've never figured out even how to do YouTube you'll have to settle for these 2 short videos (sorry).

I also took some photos of all the quilts from show'n'tell but once again I'm clueless on how to do a slideshow within blogger. So jump over to my webshots to see the photos (I can't get webshots slideshow to work at the moment (sorry)).

EDIT: I've received several email about this idea so want to add these comments:

Marlies from our longarm group finished the Church banner (below) and somehow she also put lettering (JOY) inside .... looks pretty good. (posted with Marlies' permission).


Anonymous said...

That is so cool and I love the end results. It would make such a cute window dressing. Thank you for sharing the video clips.

Mary Johnson said...

That's kind of neat but I wonder what you would use it for.