December 31, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Happy #42 Wedding Anniversary

Whirl into Winter Quilt Blog Giveaway

Thur., 1/15/09 .... my winner is LINDA. See this page. CONGRATS

It's that time again ...... A brand New Year and a Blog Give Away.

Debi of Quilting With Debi has coordinated approximately 60 bloggers for this new New Year Give Away. Stop by Whirl Into Winter Blog on January 1, 2009 for a complete list of the Bloggers.

Now for my prize I'm giving away this adorable Dragonflies wall hanging kit which includes all fabric for the top and binding. Also the Valentine's bag filled with goodies .... surprise goodies. Please see my guidelines below.

Now my guidelines differ slightly so pay close attention.

1. You "must" have a blog somewhere, some type.

2. Your email address needs to be connected to your blog so check your profie. Please do not leave your email address in comments.

3. USA snailmail address only. I'm sorry I can't mail international.

4. Leave a comment here, one only please and tell me your favorite pattern (quilt, sewing, crafting, etc). To be counted don't comment prior to January 1, 2009 and tell me about your favorite pattern.

5. Comment deadline is January 14, 2009 (midnight eastern time). Winner will be drawn randomly by DH and you will be notified via email. You will have 2 days to claim your price (January 17, 2009) otherwise DH will draw another number.

Valentine bag with surprise goodies

Dragonflies Wall Hanging 24x24

includes the fabric for the top and binding

Thanks for visiting and playing .... Good Luck everyone.


December 28, 2008

Quilt Closet SLOB, I'm working on it

A couple weeks ago I embarassed myself by writing Quilting Studio SLOB. It took me a whole day to clean up. I promised myself and the world that after Christmas I would clean out/up my fabric/book/magazine/craft closet .... that time has come.
A few photos of the mess, it's a really big mess.

The closet is 14 ft long, 8 ft high and 42 inches deep. Yep it holds a bunch, too much.

Books, magazines and craft side.

AND this video shows my studio (formerly a 2 car garage) with only the closet floor and 1st shelf emptied out ..... where did all this stuff come from ..... how did it get here ... is it going back in the closet .... nope. I'm planning to sort out what I no longer love, donate to various sewing groups and just plain give away to friends or strangers. LOL

OK it's back to work for me ........ Closet Super SLOB.

December 27, 2008

Hello Nanny & Pappy

GD#2 and GS.

GD#2 got a camera for Christmas ........ kids are so smart. She took the photo and emailed it to us. Oh they only live behind us. LOL

It's 71 degrees out .... crazy weather. This was a record breaker for this time of year for us ... 71 ... ah only if it would stay 71. Two (2) days ago we were freezing with snow on the ground and rain pouring down ...... wonder what tomorrow will bring.

December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone

The BIG day has arrived. Good eating, so yummy.

Santa came

An iPod


The Fisherman

Off to Nanny and Pappy's house ..... video below

The Chinese can't spell and shame shame on J.C. Penney's for selling inferior product. It should read MOUNTAINEER's

NOTE: The two E's are actually representative of West Virginia University MOUNTAINEER's .... a single E doesn't cut it when you're making/selling College motiff's, WVU, Morgantown, West Virginia.

I'm ready for football

Every Mom should receive a Pink Diamond from their Son


Feet Warmer with Fur

Merry Christmas Everyone

Christmas at Nanny and Pappy's


December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Mass

We went to Christmas Eve Mass which is generally called "Children's Mass". Tonight the children portrayed the story of Jesus' birth. All Parts where selected by lottery ....... our GS was Joseph ........ here he is with his 'Mary'.

The children did a terrific job .... they only practiced 3 times and most of them are 8 and under ... they did a wonderful job.
Here's a couple videos ...... it was very dark in the Church so you'll have to use your imagination.

Fr. Eric

Children Singing

Bringing up the Gifts

The Really Big Birthday Has Arrived

Well my birthday has arrived .... it's the big 6 2

December 23, 2008

Adorable Pin Cushions ... I'm the owner

Are you jealous already ..... I won the above adorable pin cushions from Cotton Spice . Now I bet you're wondering about the button .... me too. Karen wrote in her note that the button was to help the pin cushion sit up properly. The photo doesn't do them justice .... they are just too adorable. I LOVE THEM, thank you Karen. Please stop and visit Karen .... her blog is full of exciting projects, graphics, BOM, stories and so much more .... you won't be sorry I promise.

Won Stitches Magazine

I won the above magazine from Deb's Bee's Nest. The magazine is Stitches published by Quilting Arts ..... I love everything they publish. If you see the magazine be sure to pick it up ... some wonderful projects inside. AND Deb sent me those 2 luscious fat quarters .... they are beautiful. Stop by Deb's blog .... great recipes, projects and more. Thanks Deb.

Decorating Fun ......