December 9, 2008

Twisted Turning Twenty part 4

I'm participating in Donna's In The Attic Blog sew along.We're making the Twisted Turning Twenty quilt with 12 fat quarters (6 light, 6 dark). Quilt is from the Original Turning Twenty Book by Tricia Cribbs .Every Monday Donna gives us our instructions.

Not a very good photo but all my blocks are stitched together. I haven't decided about the border yet. I don't care for the look in book with all those rectangles around the outside ........ so I'm still thinking.

Oops I think I should have cleaned up my room some before taking the photo. I'm so unorganized and messy.


Anonymous said...

Oh I really like the colors and the layout! And in my sewing room there isn't enough clear floor space to lay out a square, never mind a quilt! LOL - - Happy Quilting, Marguerita

Deb said...

yours is the best turning twenty quilt I have seen yet.. I am not crazy about the pattern itself but yours could tempt me.. great work.. excellent fabric choices. I know you from learningfa.. maybe you can email Shirley and do an online class in this?? Hint hint??LOL