December 21, 2008

Quilt Room OPEN, only a Sort-of Slob now

Recently I wrote that I was a Quilt Room SLOB .... well now I'm only a Sort-of-SLOB.

On Saturday while DH wrapped all the Christmas gifts I worked on cleaning up my Quilt Room (the whole day).

My cutting table. Oh boy now I can cut and actually see my cutting mat

Side of cutting table space ... fabric that won't fit in the closet is stacked

Under my sewing table ... now I can use the foot pedal

Side of sewing table cleaned up. More fabric bolts stacked nicely

Christmas fabric in their bags and on their shelf in the closet

No trash by the door

Love seat ... we can actually sit on it now

And toys are cleaned up and put away properly

Portable desk setup ... cleaned off and boxes put away

Prince is all cleaned off and ready to quilt up a storm again


I have to admit I did not clean up the closet or all the magazines/books stored under items .... those will have to wait until after the New Year.

Now to keep it this way. I hereby promise to put things away properly and pick things up.



jovaliquilts said...

Congratulations!!!! I know what a big job it is to straighten up a sewing room. Enjoy using the clean space.

Anonymous said...

looks better than excellant!!!

Now to go work on mine......

Anonymous said...

Looks better than Excellant!!

Now to go work on mine.....

Vicki W said...


Irene said...

Sandy you have done such a good job that I think you should come and do mine. Seriously, great job!

elsie123 said...

Good for you! I just bought some paint last night, and will be tackling the sewing room this weekend. I know it will be worth the work that goes into it...look how great yours turned out!