November 30, 2009

Stashbusting Photos (HGTV)

November stashbusting was 'full steam ahead' by the Stashbusters from the HGTV message boards.



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November 26, 2009

November 25, 2009

Dessert Day

Today is Dessert Day.

Son-in-law and grandchildren will be hard at work making pumpkin pie, chocolate cake and maybe even a chocolate pie, fudge and peanut butter balls (my favorite). If baking goes wrong we can always pick up a couple from the guy below.

November 24, 2009

Preparations Under Way

As you can see DH has started his famous Cranberry Chutney recipe .... one of our favorites.

November 19, 2009

Ft. Hood Quilts Arrive

Cherri from Cherry House Quilts sent out a plea for quilts to be sent to Ft. Hood. Luke, Cherri's son, coordinated everything with the Chaplain at Ft. Hood.

Please go over to Cherri's Blog to see the photos.

Cherri has also been in contact with the group Home of the Brave Quilts, who will be providing quilts to the individual children, and families of those that were killed. If you have a quilt to donate for this cause, please email Sandi at homeofthebravequiltsnational at yahoo dot com

Thank you Cherri. Thank you Luke.

November 14, 2009

Nov. 2009

A special Thank You to Marlies for introducing us to a new way of total machine binding. You'll find the instructions in the Dec/Jan issue Of Quilters Newsletter. I can't wait to give it a whirl.

I liked all of the projects but these were some of my favorites

I always enjoy Bobbi's work.

Marlies is always productive.

This is a D9P.

Show and Tell for November


November 13, 2009

Quilts for Ft. Hood Update

I blogged earlier sending you to Cherry Quilt House blog .... who corrdinated efforts to get quilts to Ft. Hood. Quilts were collected for all the wounded and deceased. Please keep all of the families in your prayers.

Here's a couple photos of quilts. These quilts were from the the HGTV quilters forum.

Also Cherri posted the following from the Ft. Hood newspaper:

All stitched up: Mom, friends make quilts for wounded troops
Share By Staff Sgt. Joy Pariante, STB, III Corps

When the Fort Hood community was most in need of support, a crafty lady came up with a way to show her love for Soldiers.

Cherri House, of Houston, was driving home from work Thursday when she noticed a new voicemail on her phone. The words she heard were enough to make her pull off the road and burst into tears. Her daughter had called to tell her there had been a shooting at Fort Hood, the Army post where her son, Spc. Luke House, Special Troops Battalion, III Corps, is stationed. The message stated her son was safe and unharmed, but that did little to quell House’s upset. Watching the news when she got home only magnified her sadness.

“I was feeling so much gratitude that my son is alive, but at the same time my heart was breaking because so many people were watching the same program and not knowing if their loved one was okay,” House said.

The next morning, House took to her blog to talk about her feelings and to reach out to others dealing with the intense emotions the event had created. However, House felt she needed to do more than type.

“I just thought it was so stupid and so trivial,” she said. “Why write something on a blog when all I can think about is those people that are hurting?

“What a passive thing being sad is, it doesn’t do anyone any good.”

House decided to take action. She took to her blog again, this time with a mission. An avid quilter, House had decided to reach out to collect quilts for the Soldiers wounded in the shooting.

“Quilts for me were the only thing to do,” she said. “In my mind, quilts are love. You wrap them around yourself and you feel warm and comforted.”

House’s efforts took off. She posted the request for donations to her other social networking accounts and others in her quilting community passed the message along. Within three days, House had collected enough quilts for Fort Hood’s wounded and had coordinated with the III Corps chaplain’s office to have them distributed.

The Bits ‘n Pieces quilt group from Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio sent along three quilts as soon as its members heard about the donation drive. As a group, they make quilts to be donated to wounded servicemembers whenever the need arises.

“I think a handmade quilt is like a warm hug and it’s one way I can contribute to support the war effort,” Andrea Blackhurst, a Bits ‘n Pieces member, said. “We’ve been making and donating quilts for wounded Soldiers for about four years.”

House isn’t stopping with just comforting the wounded. She wants to ensure the families of those killed each have a quilt to let them know the community cares. Although she’s been informed the delivery logistics will be difficult because the families are scattered across the country, she’s determined to make sure everyone affected is taken care of.

“We just want them to know the community, the country love them and we are grateful for their sacrifices and their efforts to protect our country,” House said.

November 12, 2009

High School Band Donations

GD#1 is a senior this year and a member of the Big Red Band. They held a bingo fund raiser over the weekend. I donated the following items to the Band.

This is for their Marshall University basket. This is a double fleece quilt, quilted with Daisies Galore pantograph.



The table runner and napkins are for the Kitchen Basket.



Napkin tutorial can be found HERE

November 11, 2009

Thank You for your Service

While we were on vacation this summer in San Diego we went to see the USS Midway.




When DH was in the US Navy .... 2 of the jobs he did on the USS Intrepid, USS America and USS Enterprise

Captain speaking:


Slideshow of everything:

USS Midway

November 9, 2009

Warrior In Pink

My DD#2 is an employee of Ford Motor in Cincinnati. I made the following quilt for their Warrior In Pink silent auction.




I used the Warm Wishes patternn from Quiltmaker. It's quilted with the Daisies Galore pantograph from Willow Leaf Studio.

November 8, 2009

Jack Goes Home (boo hoo)

Jack's owners finally called the Humane Society .... who called us. Jack went home this morning. I'm a little sad as he was a very good dog and we enjoyed him alot.


If you remember we named him Jack as he's a Jack Russell .... guess what .... is name was really Jack.

BYE Jack

Stitchers Group Nov. 4

Our Stitchers Group meet this past week. We had donuts ......... hmmmmm good.

Margee brought back these beautiful fat quarters for us from her trip to Maine.


Betty showed us her Stack'n'Wack quilt ... she needs to add her borders.


November 6, 2009

Quilts for Ft. Hood

Cherri at Cherry House Quilts blog is sending out a call to all quilters for quilt donations. Cherri's son is stationed at Ft. Hood, he's ok. She would like to collect lap size or larger for the survivors. Please go over to her blog (link above) for more informatiion.

Please keep all the families in your thoughts and prayers.

November 5, 2009

Here's JACK

DD#1 found this cutie wandering around in the street ...... he's temporarily staying in our yard until we found the owners.




I've named him JACK for now. Oh he doesn't like being outside and he definitely needs a bath.

November 2, 2009

Alice and Mad Hatter

I forgot to post DD#2 and her sweetie on Halloween ........


M&G halloween

Aren't they the cutest ........
The Stashbusters from HGTV message forum continue busting their stashes ...... October was another fun field month of projects to share.




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