November 5, 2009

Here's JACK

DD#1 found this cutie wandering around in the street ...... he's temporarily staying in our yard until we found the owners.




I've named him JACK for now. Oh he doesn't like being outside and he definitely needs a bath.


Marla said...

LOVe the coloring on his head! Careful though.....we were "just temporarily taking care of" Minkee.....Now she has a name, food bowl and a day on my blog each week devoted to her!

Wilma Lee said...

He's sooo cute!!! I would want to keep him.

Anonymous said...

I have a beagle named Lexie who visits often. She is a pup who lives back behind ours. She cries at my door...makes me so mad!
I hope dear Jack's family finds him soon!

Shogun said...

He is sooo cute. Have you posted signs? He is such a tiny dog, looks smaller than my cat.

Carolyn said...

He's a cutie. Looks right at home there. Surely someone is missing him. Hope you find the owner soon.