September 29, 2010

Fall-into-Fall Giveaway

I'm joining the BIG giveaway hosted by Debi.

Come back Oct. 1 to see the goodies

September 17, 2010

Woman's Day and Quilt Decor

Check out the latest issue (Oct. 17) of Woman's Day magazine .... Make Room for Quilts page 72.

Article starts out with "remember the quilt you never finished" or "one that's not quite perfect" use them around the house. Yes I know this is nothing new but come on It's Quilts ... we love reading about quilts.

September 12, 2010

New Family Member

Say hello to our next 'probable' family member.


She showed up one day this summer all skin and bone. Yes we started to feed her, posted notices, called the Humane Society .... but no one came forward. She's a tiny thing and we figured maybe 6-9 months old. We thought she was black but nope she's a dark sable with little hints of white tips plus a tiny white spot on her belly.


Now I didn't want another cat, no matter how cute. My GC adopted her but hey she has to stay at my house as they have fishies, dogs and guinea pigs (yes all plural). Of course, the discussion of a name ... oh we had all kinds of ideas like pumpkin, blackie, sam, spookie, boo boo, Miss Kitty .. the list went on and on forever.

I dug through fabrics and found this fleece scrap, threw it into a box lid. I know I'm terrible but remember I didn't want another cat ... we have one already.


The granddogs, Tippy and Oreo, find her interesting and they're all about the same size. We do have to hide the cat food ... they eat it.


Tippy and Oreo said if you're going to stay we'll share one of beds with you. Yep I guess Boo-Boo Kitty is permanent and next month will get the snip snip done.


By the way, the Vet says she's about 2yrs old, weighs a big 7lb now and apparently most of her teeth in the front rotted away ... oh man that makes me sad. So sends some kisses and hugs to Boo-Boo Kitty and her new home.

September 11, 2010

We Will Never Forget

walter matuza

This block was made to honor Walter Matuza, Jr, New York resident. He was the father of 3 boys, killed in the Trade Center. Each section represents Walter's life: he served in the armed forces; family fishing trips, loved playing with his 3 boys and cherished his wife dearly.

Our own City lost Mary Lou Hague. A financial analyst for Keefe, Bruyette & Woods Inc., 89th flr of WTC, Tower 2.


Please remember all who lost their lives and those left behind.

Slideshow from the United In Memory Project can be found HERE

September 9, 2010

Christmas Tree Skirt

I've been working for a week or so on a Christmas Tree Skirt for DD#2 and family.


It's 60" wide, I used felt from Joann's, some wool, some flannel and other goodies. Only the snow is stitched by machine ... all other pieces I hand stitched. Snowpeople are made of batting. A very long time ago I remember seeing the snowpeople in a book but all the other pieces are my own. It's true I'm no artist.



Our SIL, DD#2, GD#3 and their cats (foghorn (gray) and winnie (yellow).




As I said I hand stitched all the pieces ... I was inspired by this BLOG, of course, she uses the real thing instead of felt. I do love her work.