July 19, 2008

News Update

No quilting, no sewing in my studio.

My beloved desktop crashed .... yes I lost everything .... no I didn't have it backed up. I'm using a laptop which doesn't seem to like me very much. My guru has ordered a new hard drive so until my beloved desktop is up and running not much will be posted.

See you soon .... I hope.

July 7, 2008

Where I Spend My Mornings

In the summer not much quilting or sewing happens in my studio. I keep my GC, running to activities and spending lots of time at the swim/racket club.

While GD#1 helps with swim lessons and GS is taking swim lessons I walk for exercise. After lessons both have swim team practice. So 2 1/2hrs I have lots of time to walk and usually have a quilt binding in the works. Here's a few photos of the hills where I walk. The Club is in a neighbor where there are lots of hills that are straight up.

GS finally goes down the slide ... it's about 2 1/2 stories high.

Quilt and Tote

Every swimmer needs their own personal quilt to wrap up in during a swim meet. It's especially warm with fleece on the back. Plus a large tote to carry all your goodies.

YES, our little brother has his own personal quilt from when he did winter swim.

Marshmellow Roast

Best way to top off a day ......... marshmellow roast

July 5, 2008

Happy 16th Birthday Andra Nichole

Happy 16th Birthday, Andra Nichole

Happy 16th Birthday, Andra Nichole

July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Well it's raining raining raining here today. DH will need to wear a slicker to cook out later today.

The wall in my quilting studio was done with fabric and starch ... an old technique (15yrs or more) from HGTV by Carol Duvall on her show and Sherry from Room by Room. By the way that wall is actually a garage door ... my studio is a converted 2 car garage (thank you DH).

Not only that but my main computer (desktop) is sick, very sick, so no photos or anything else. I hope my computer guru will be able to fix it when he returns from his mini vacation. I hate this laptop .... I'm constantly hitting the wrong key.

I am working on a quilt for GD#2. She needs one with a fleece backing to wrap up in at swim meets .... oh it gets cold once the sun goes behind our mountains.

Well have a wonderful day whereever you are ...... Happy 4th of July.