July 14, 2009

Kayak Cruise'n Adventure

Ever been to Adventure Pursuit ? What fun. St. Xavier Parish , our Church, rented Adventure Pursuit last Sunday ...... we had so much fun. They have a pool, inside rock climbing, large play area for volleyball, cornhole and other games, giant covered shelter and KAYAKing (which is a really big fun time).

GS and GD#2 plus their mom (DD#1) did the Kayaking. GS went crazy for it ... took to it just like a fish to water. He couldn't stop talking about how much he loved it and can't wait to go again. Of course, he says he's going to be a "professional fisherman" when he grows up ... you should see his tackle box (photo at bottom). DD#1 is on the hunt for kayak places.

Here's a few photos ....... ENJOY !!!!!!










GS's tackle box

July 6, 2009

Bias Binding Tutorial

I love using bias binding on my quilts. I "only" use bias no matter what. I started out using Shelley's instructions and to this day still do. So everything here is from Shelley's instructions, only the photos are mine.

Photo 1: Your piece of fabric and no it doesn't have to square, retangle .... whatever size you have. This piece is approximately 1/2 yard.
Photo 2: Fold piece over in order to get a true bias. Now I press mine to get the fold.

Photo 3: Cut on the fold using a ruler and rotary cutter.
Photo 4: Take the right piece you cut off above and placed it next to the left edge. You're going to sew the two pieces together.

Photo 5: Sew the two edges together. I like to use a 3/8" seam but use whatever you like.

Photo 6: Press the seam open.

Photo 7: Now on each edge (top/bottom) draw a 1/4" line.

Photo 8: I like for my bias to be 2 1/2". I draw using my ruler from the edge 2 1/2" across the fabric.

Photo 9:

Photo 10: When I get to the right edge of the piece I cut away the excess.

Photo 11: At the top left edge I number the 2 1/2" markings starting with ZERO .... number all the way across. Now the bottom left edge I start the number with ONE ... number all the way across.

Photo 12: Matching the numbers of the top edge and the bottom edge (one to one, two to two) I pin.

Photo 13: The sew on the original line you mark in photo #7. You now have a tube.

Photo 14: Press that seam open ...

Photo 15:

Photo 16: Place the tube over your arm, using scissors cut on the lines you drew in photo 8.

Photo 17

Photo 18: You have a bunch of bias binding done in the round.

Photo 19: Take your binding to the ironing board and press

Photo 20: My almost 1/2 yard fabric yielded 15 1/2 yard of bias binding. YIPPEEEEEEE Feel free to ask questions. I suggest that you print out Shelley's instructions

DISCLAIMER: The photos are mine BUT the instructions I used belong to a friend, Shelley. Check out her website.

July 5, 2009

More 17th Birthday Fun





Happy Birthday

Happy 17th Birthday


CIMG6488 CIMG6490

More 4th of July

Yummy dinner from the grill

4thJuly 008

and the dessert ........ heaven

4thJuly 016

check out this jewel .... GS made it at Home Depot ... yep we used it at dinner
4thJuly 010 4thJuly 013

GS and Pappy made the decorations ... see that faux firecracker cord ... well if you're wondering they cut a portion of the sun blinds cord ... creative thinking.
4thJuly 006 4thJuly 002

lastly a little video of GS making confetti and the like

4thJuly 022

Hope all had a GREAT holiday .... we did.

July 3, 2009

July 4th

She will forever WAVE and DEFEND

4th july

Thank You ................