February 21, 2009

What Makes A Quilter Cry????

What makes a quilter cry? Hmmmmm lots of things

thread breaking
loops on bottom/top
poor piecing
wavy borders
tearing the top/backing
needle breaking
knocking out the timing

My all time favorite is ........ are you ready ...........

quilting in pins ....... yep you got it and I did it ...... not one, not two but FIVE

I'm a pantograph girl ..... I have a huge stock of pantographs. I've only quilted one quilt in 6yrs that I would consider custom ... it was a going away gift .... it's HERE

So I have these two (2) Stacked Coins to quilt. I decide to quilt them at the same time on Prince Charming. I piece the one backing in the four patch pattern and the other backing is a school of fish. Of course, when you do this and using a pantograph it has to be the same pantograph for both. I tried one time using two different pantographs and let me tell you .... that was a mistake.

From the back .......

This is one of my absolute favorite pantographs .... Ebb & Flow by Lorien Quilting. It can take on many designs .... flowing water, wind, waving flag and etc. Now you're asking yourself what is that ruler and envelope for ........ that tells me where one quilt ends and the other one starts ... smart I am (well sometimes).

See what a nice pattern it makes on the quilt. This pattern is so flowing .... like slow dancing.

Now my Prince Charming has the "M" bobbin. Don't know what an "M" bobbin is .... well it's almost heaven. The "M" holds 3-4 times more thread than the standard "L" bobbin. I love my "M". Now both of these quilts were 44inches x 54inches .... times two equals 88 by 108 ..... pretty big. I ran out of bobbin thread with 1 row to go .... can you believe it.

See that purple instrument .... that where the bobbin thread ended. I have to restart.

Can you see where I restarted ........
I'm getting better at this technique

I'm finished quilting so I cut away the excess batting before I take the two quilts off the frame. I cut it close with my backing fabric .... only about 5 inches to the total end.

Here are the two quilts off the frame and still attached to each other.

While removing the pins from the zipper I stuck myself ....... what I say ........ Oh my gosh I can't believe it I've stitched in a pin .... what now??? Oh no I scream ... there are five (5) yes five pins quilted into the quilt.
How on earth did I ever manage to miss them while quilting a pantograph from the back of Prince Charming? Now that is one for "Ripley's Believe It Or Not".
So I sit here thinking what am I going to do ..... I'm thinking ... I'll have to rip out part of the quilting and redo it. But then I take a good look at the quilting pattern ..... I was able to slide the pins around, navigating around the stitched pattern and push them to the edge, clip a single thread and push out the pins. Someone was watching over me.

Here are the five (5) pins. I use corsage pins to pin to my leaders.

The quilts turned out very nice and I'm so happy. These will be donated to a Charity group.

February 19, 2009

Stacked Coins times Two (2)

I continue with Scrap Quilts ...... love love love making them. Of course, a quilter never ever runs out of scraps. he he he

I love making scrap quilts .... for some reason they always remind me of my grandmothers .... Maude Olinger and Elizabeth (Lizzy) Burns.

Here are two (2) Stacked Coins .... pattern from MaryQuilts. Both were quilted at the same time on Prince Charming using the Ebb & Flow pantograph from Lorien Quilting. I love this pantograph ...... looks like flowing water, wind, flags waving and more.

Stacked Coins #1

I made the off center four (4) patch from Mary's website. I did have to use my head and cheat alittle on the backing as the United We Stand fabric is a one-way print. I had to do some extra sewing so it would all be going in the same direction.

Stacked Coins #2
Just as I snapped the photo the wind lifted the quilt forward .... how cool is that.......

School of fish backing ...... they're everywhere.

I had a horrible disaster that sends a quilter crying. Now that story I'm saving for later .... look for it in a couple days.

February 18, 2009

Scottish Rite Winner

GD#1 is a WINNER for her Americanism Essay sponsored by the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Masonic organization.

She won $300 for her Americanism Essay. Written in diary format about a young boy traveling from Europe to the United States and all she learns about Lady Liberty.

GD#1 and proud Mom (DD#1)

Reading her Essay

All the WINNERS, (l-r) 3rd place winner Haley ($100) of Williamstown High School, 2nd place winner Phyllis ($200) of Parkersburg High School and 1st place winner Andra ($300) of Parkersburg High School.

AND because 1st place and 2nd place winners were from the same school, Parkersburg High School, the school received $250. Man that was great.

PHS is the home of THE BIG RED BAND (military marching band)

February 17, 2009

Wednesday Stitchers Group

Just a short recap of my Stitchers Group that meets on Wednesday. More photos and all the news are posted HERE

Jim Shore fabrics ....... quilt from a Quilt Cruise

And the best news ...... we had a Valentine's luncheon totalled catered by our leaders son, Greg.

Oh man I was so full of wonderful food I forgot to get all the receipes ...... gotta get those.

DD#2 Fleece Quilt

DD#2 requested at Christmas (2008) a new double fleece quilt. While she was here for the Christmas holiday we went to Joann's and picked out fleece.
Don't you just love this animal print (kind of a burgundy-maroon) and the solid to match. Here it is loaded on Prince Charming.

I quilted it with Alfresco pantograph from Lorien Quilting .... nice and flowing pattern.

The fleece seems to be a little heavier than usual .... it was so nice to nuggle under it.

February 16, 2009

Valentine Breakfast

We celebrated Valentine's Day today (Sunday).

DD#2 was here visiting from Cincinnati. DD#1 and SIL made a wonderful breakfast complete with sausage, bacon, muffins (2 kinds), pancakes and my all time favorite waffles. Yummy ...... it was great fun.

Math Wizard

Is he a stinker or what ....... count them five (5) photos and not once did he look in our direction ............ that's ok ..... he's a WINNER everyday with US.

February 15, 2009

Crazy Quilters Meeting February 14

Disclaimer: My notes, written here, may not be 100% totally correct .... this is just a summary of what I remembered. Secretary Lee is the official recorder. If you have questions, contact President Violet.

***************Important Dates**********

March 14-29 Fifth Annual Blennerhasset Quilt Show: Area quilters are invited to display quilts and wall hangings. Prizes for “Best of Show” and “People’s Choice” will be awarded. Quilt entries will be accepted March 10-11. Items exhibited in 2008 are not eligible for display. Free Open House will be held on March 14 from 11 am – 5 pm. Vendors and needle artists will be featured.Contact: Blennerhassett Island Historical State Park 304-420-4800

2008 Photos of the Show are HERE

March 21 is National Quilt Day: To celebrate bring a house block to the March meeting, any size, any color. These will be assembled (by someone) and the quilt donated to Courage Kids group.

February Lottery Block (year), a D9P. Instructions here for the block and here for the hearts. You can still turn these in at the March meeting.

March Lottery Block (year) is 2.5 inch strips, 1 set equals 5 strips .... 4 sets is the limit.

BOM (easy and hard) thing ... sorry I wasn't listening so don't have a clue.

Violet won the novelty squares for February.

******************************* SHOW 'n' TELL

Back at the Dec. 2008 Meeting when we had the Yearly BOM Drawings ....

Bonnie won the Christmas 9 patch blocks

She made the D9P quilt ....... isn't it wonderful.

Lucille won the Blue Jewel blocks

And made this quilt

Other Show 'n' Tell

This is a Leaders & Enders pattern

Next meeting is March 14.