February 8, 2009

An Old Friend Came To Visit

Do you see him? I haven't seen him in so so long and I've missed him so very much. Pretty soon he'll visit every single day, I hope.

Look he's peaking in the top of our front doors.

Now he's climbing up the stairway.

Oh look he's bursting in the living room windows. The lipstick plant has missed him too ... see how she stretches her arms out to give him a hug.

My Sweetie has found him.

Of course Mister is waiting for his shining rays. Do you know who it is yet???

Ahhhhhhh our GS has found him .... another hint for you ..... he lives outside way up in the sky.

What fun to play in his warmth.

Oops the fish pond will have to wait for him to get much stronger in order to melt the ice. Yes it's frozen and yes our fish are in there .... our SIL walked on it this morning and so did GC's two (2) doggies.

In case you don't know .......... it's THE

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE the Sun.


Val said...

That is so cute. I was actually looking for a little animal or something until I realized it was the sun. I love it too.

Brenda said...

I live for the sun!! And when my deck was up, I would have my breakfast out there in it, but the deck came down and ..... I miss the sun!!!! When you have had your fill, send him/her my way!! OK???? Please????!!??

Irene said...

Great post Sandy. I saw a sign today that said 39 more days until spring....

Carolyn said...

I can't wait for Mr. Sun to come and stay, wish it would be forever.

Shirley said...

Hi Sandy! I had the same visitor this week too, after a long, hard winter here in Alberta. Actually, we get the sun a lot up here, even when the temperature is in the minus deg. C.

I am impressed with all you do for Project Linus and other charity work.

I am putting a link to your blog on my blog spot. Shirley from Learningfa

Material Girl said...

I loved reading your blog today about the visitor, that was so cute!!
How deep is your fish pond, and how cold does it get there in the winter? Just curious, because I have a fish pond and my fish live there through the winter, but I have a pond heater in it for the whole winter because it gets so cold here in Canada.