February 19, 2009

Stacked Coins times Two (2)

I continue with Scrap Quilts ...... love love love making them. Of course, a quilter never ever runs out of scraps. he he he

I love making scrap quilts .... for some reason they always remind me of my grandmothers .... Maude Olinger and Elizabeth (Lizzy) Burns.

Here are two (2) Stacked Coins .... pattern from MaryQuilts. Both were quilted at the same time on Prince Charming using the Ebb & Flow pantograph from Lorien Quilting. I love this pantograph ...... looks like flowing water, wind, flags waving and more.

Stacked Coins #1

I made the off center four (4) patch from Mary's website. I did have to use my head and cheat alittle on the backing as the United We Stand fabric is a one-way print. I had to do some extra sewing so it would all be going in the same direction.

Stacked Coins #2
Just as I snapped the photo the wind lifted the quilt forward .... how cool is that.......

School of fish backing ...... they're everywhere.

I had a horrible disaster that sends a quilter crying. Now that story I'm saving for later .... look for it in a couple days.


Brenda said...

Yes, we love scraps!! At least I do - and when I can use them up, I feel like I have really done something!! (Even if it does take more time to go through the scraps and find useable one, than it would be to just grab a new piece of fabric!!) I like your quilts and hey, if you ever need more to quilt, let me know!!

jovaliquilts said...

Scrap quilts really are great! Those coins are terrific. :)

Mary Johnson said...

I love Chinese Coins quilts! I just washed up my uneven coins that will go to a woman just diagnosed with cancer.