February 7, 2009

IKEA, I love it

I read alot of blogs via Google Reader .... too many if the truth is know.

One of my most favorite blogs happens to be IKEA HACKER. I know all of us cat lovers can appreciate the darling cat below in her very own bed ..... if you want to know more go HERE
(yes I borrowed the photos from IKEA HACKER's site).

My own cat, Sweetie, has a nice bed too.


Irene said...

That is just too cute! Maybe I need to get 2 for my 2 little grandkitties? Miss Annabelle has a bed just like Mister's!

Deb said...

this is just too cute a blog..love your innovation and stories the sun and the kittie.. found you through learningfa..willhave to browse more..thanks for the laughs.