February 18, 2009

Scottish Rite Winner

GD#1 is a WINNER for her Americanism Essay sponsored by the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Masonic organization.

She won $300 for her Americanism Essay. Written in diary format about a young boy traveling from Europe to the United States and all she learns about Lady Liberty.

GD#1 and proud Mom (DD#1)

Reading her Essay

All the WINNERS, (l-r) 3rd place winner Haley ($100) of Williamstown High School, 2nd place winner Phyllis ($200) of Parkersburg High School and 1st place winner Andra ($300) of Parkersburg High School.

AND because 1st place and 2nd place winners were from the same school, Parkersburg High School, the school received $250. Man that was great.

PHS is the home of THE BIG RED BAND (military marching band)


Val said...

This is for sure something to be very proud of. Congrats!

Carolyn said...