March 31, 2008

Quilters All Over

I want to say Thank You to everyone who has visited my Blog and left messages .... I cherish each and every message.


This past weekend (3/29) an anonymous message (see below) was left on my String Quilt posting. You know anyone can say they're Mark Lipinski.

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Subject: [Quilting Nanny] New comment on String Quilt, my first.
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String Quilt, my first":

OH MY GOSH! If you like string quilts just wait until you see the new book that AQS is putting out by Karen Griska! I know it's at the printing/manufacturers now so it will be out in the stores by the end of summer, I'm guessing. I had the pleasure of seeing the "mock up" book before it was printed. YOU WILL FAINT. HINT: Don't throw away your selveges! LOVED your string quilt by the way. Really pretty.

Mark Lipinski

I pondered for a day wondering .... "hmmmm was someone playing a joke? Mark Lipinski, the real Mark Lipinski, who has a magazine, been on Simply Quilts and more really leave a message on MY Blog. Well, I decided to write him an email and ask .... I mean if you want to know something shouldn't you get your answer from the 'horses mouth' as my grandmother use to say. So I got up my nerve and wrote Mr. Lipinski ....... and he answered, the real Mark Lipinski:

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Sent: Sunday, March 30, 2008 12:44 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: [Quilting Nanny] New comment on String Quilt, my first.

ROFPIMP.....Please God, don't let TWO Mark Lipinski's roam the earth! LOL

Yup, it was me who loved your string quilt. xooxm

Mark Lipinski

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I'm just too curious to let the email posted on my blog go by ......... so did you, Mark Lipinski, the real Mark Lipinski leave the message? Of course, I'm hoping you're going to say "Yes, I did" ....... I would certainly be sew sew happy. Thanks

Merry Quilting

Well how about that!!!!!!!!!!!


AND Lisa Boyer, Kauai, Hawaii, too has left several messages. Now I knew it was Lisa as she too has a Blog so her name displayed. You know Lisa Boyer author of two (2) marvelous books "That Dorkey Homemade Quilt", "Slash Envy", from Simply Quilts, her many beautiful quilt patterns and so much more.

Oh you might be interested in the story behind those cute, little, hand tied bows on each and every pattern of Lisa's. LOL


AND, of course, all my many friends all over the internet. Google Alerts is the greatest. Through Google Alerts I've read so many interesting blogs on quilting. sewing, tutorials and more ...... I love it. Thank you


Thank You Everyone

March 26, 2008

Wednesday Quilt Group

Today was my Wednesday Quilt Group. So I hope you jump over to the Wednesday quilt group Blog and read about our fun day.

I really enjoy this group .... no rules ... no dues .... just friends quilting, knitting, sewing, embroidering and more. Today we chatted about all kinds of things from fish to funerals (funny ones).

March 25, 2008

String Quilt, my first

I admire the String Quilts ...... I've made one of my own at last. I see lots of String Quilts at Mary's blog. LOL

The blocks are pink and white, 12 inch finished size (48x60). It's hard to see but the aqua center strips are suppose to made a heart shape. I've decided to not put borders on, just quilt and bind. I probably should have used darker fabric. It's not quilted yet but soon I'll load it on Prince Charming. I plan to donate it ... not sure where yet.

I have tons of scraps so I see many string quilts in my future .........

March 24, 2008

Easter Photos

As you can see above we can't decide which on we like the best. LOL

Someday I'll be making quilts for our 3 GC

There's nothing like hunting Easter eggs in your pj's.

Tipppy loved her Easter egg (chewy)
Dinner was good. LOL

I hope all my internet friends had a wonderful holiday ........

March 23, 2008

Happy Easter Everyone

The Easter bunny stopped at our house, leaving 3 neat Easter baskets for our 3 GC.

GD#1 received a sweet basket. The bunny left here gold post earrings, movie pass, gourmet jelly beans, eggs with money and candy. Plus a special treat of dill pickles and Mountain Dew.

GS who is all boy. That Easter bunny certainly knows his stuff. He brought Bee Game for the Wii, special sports car, mini M&M, dinosaur eggs with candy. Plus more eggs with money, movie pass and the special Sunkist soda.

GD#2 will be so surprised. Easter bunny brought her a fancy alarm clock, movie pass, eggs with candy and money, sugarless gum. She also got a special cell phone charm, all sparkle and pink. Not to mention Diet Coke, too.

Now next year I'm going to plan (in advance) and make this adorable Carrot Table Runner string quilt. I've already started to collect oranges, yellow and all in between. It's quilted ... you know quilt as you go method.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and didn't eat too much.

March 20, 2008

Quilt Studio Mess

Well I'm just sick ... we ran out to WalMart Wednesday evening to help the Easter Bunny with his shopping for the GC. When we got home our back yard and side yard was flooded. AND so is half of my quilting studio wet. No real depth of water but the commercial carpet is soaked about 14 ft into the room. What a mess, my poor quilt studio. None of my machines nor Prince Charming were harmed.

I had a pedicure scheduled this morning (Thursday) ... was going to cancel but figured I might as well cheer myself up. Then had my hair cut. DH came home at lunchtime to continuing sucking and place more fans. Not too much of my stuff got too wet. If I had been putting my goodies away when purchased I wouldn't be in this big mess. All my machines are ok .. just got the bottoms of their feet cleaned. LOL

Going to relax .......

March 17, 2008

The Quilted Work (a new quilt/long arm shop)

I am sooooooooo excited. My friend, Marla Work, had her Grand Opening this past weekend, on National Quilt Weekend. (Marla (middle)).


You're in for a real treat when you visit Marla's quilt shop and retreat center (yes retreat center), 1600 square feet. Marla also is a long arm quilter (Gammill with Statler Stitcher). She has the accucut system (over 100 templates), wide backs, fat quarters, fabrics and classes.
Oh see those little flags ....... those are Daylilies .... her DH's passion.

I took lots of photos (everyone who knows me knows I love taking photos). Please join me in viewing more photos of The Quilted Work ........ click HERE
Congratulations Marla ........ I wish you great success ...... see you soon.

March 16, 2008

National Quilt Day Sat. 3/15

I went to a little quilt show (42 quilts) on Saturday. I took a few photos and you can see them HERE The photos are somewhat on the dark side as it was dark inside the museum.

Our favorite was "Wales and Sails" by J.Bertozzi .... all machine. It was perfectly pieced, fabric colors so pleasing to the eye and beautifully quilted (machine). Just our opinion.

This quilt, Eureka, won Best of Show - Machine by C.Edmonds.

This quilt, Hands All Around, won Best of Show - Hand by N.Ott.

Forgot to mention ...... the local TV station was there filming their 4 second clip. We were so surprised to see ourselves on the 11PM news. LOL

I plan to return to the Show on Sat. 3/22 for the demos, lectures and more.

March 14, 2008

Project Linus # 9 and #10 Quilts

I made a personal committment to donate 12 quilts to Project Linus this year ...... today I turn in #9 and #10.

I try to make my donated quilts in the range of 40 x 50 and although these 2 are "girlie" I almost always make boy quilts. Boy quilts are in great demand as are larger teen size quilts. Girlie/baby quilts outnumber boy quilts 4 to 1 across the country.

I turned in 8 quilts back on Project Linus Blanketeer Day, Feb. 16. All of these were boy quilts.

This one is 52.5 inch x 34.5 inch, quilted with hearts and loops (front and back).

This one is 50.5 inch x 36.5 inch, quilted also with hearts and loops (front and back).

March 12, 2008

Summer IS IS IS coming ... I know because

Summer is definitely coming very shortly ....... how do I know this? Well, two (2) very common items blew the lid off of Mother Nature's secret that SUMMER coming ....... no a singing robin isn't one of the items.

Number 1:

The SUN, ah the SUN. See how pretty it hits the yard and neighborhood.

Number 2:

I saw a a fly on my screened in porch this afternoon ............ SUMMER IS COMING, yahoooooooooooooooooooooooo

(note: the fly photo is an image I found on the internet .... my fly flew too fast for a photo)

March 8, 2008

No Escape For Us This Time

We live down in a valley and usually the bad weather just passes right over us. I thought for sure we were going to escape the snow storm heading our way from the west.
At 2AM I let the cats out .... no snow ... at 5AM DH let the cats back in ... it was just starting to sleet. Then at 8AM the snow came in full force. We even had to cancel Quilt Guild due to the roads and weather.

So the GC had some fun. GS helped shovel.

GD#1 had a friend stay over on Friday night. She's stranded in town now as there's no way to get to her home outside of town.

March 3, 2008

Quilts for The Military

For some time I've wanted to help honor our military personnel. So on January 28 the following note was posted on the Heartstrings yahoo email group. She said: "A few weeks ago I pulled out the blocks from our summer block swap in anticipation of my son coming home from Iraq I started a quilt for him. The Family Rediness Coordinator from his unit explained that single soldiers come back from deployment to sterile looking rooms in the barracks, therefore upon arrival they like to make the rooms nice for the soldiers and they are allowed to have personal bedding. Most parents will adopt their own soldier and send bedding that will be put on the bed including comforters etc. I am making my son a quilt. Because not every soldier has family or one that is in a position to provide one I am looking for r/w/b twin quilts for those who don't get adopted. I am expecting to be in Savannah end of March to meet them. I will be using Heartstring labels on all of the quilts whether they are string quilts or not. These 140 guys have passed the one year mark and it will be 15 months by the time they get back! (This is infantry so all guys) "

I thought about her comments and decided I could make a difference and in my own small way show my support for our military. I received the red, white and blue string quilt (blocks by Lynn, pieced by Fran) and scrappy log cabin (pieced by Marlene) ....

I emailed her back offering to long arm quilt using the Stars & Loops pantograph by Linda Taylor. (I'm not a freehander and love pantographs.) I started on 2/29 quilting and binding the quilts. On the log cabin quilt I quilted in a few words in the large stars. I'm so happy to say THE QUILTS ARE DONE and ready to mail. I know their lives are changed forever and I hope that in some small way I've helped to make a difference.

Thank you for all you've done for our Country and for protecting me, my family and everyone.