March 16, 2008

National Quilt Day Sat. 3/15

I went to a little quilt show (42 quilts) on Saturday. I took a few photos and you can see them HERE The photos are somewhat on the dark side as it was dark inside the museum.

Our favorite was "Wales and Sails" by J.Bertozzi .... all machine. It was perfectly pieced, fabric colors so pleasing to the eye and beautifully quilted (machine). Just our opinion.

This quilt, Eureka, won Best of Show - Machine by C.Edmonds.

This quilt, Hands All Around, won Best of Show - Hand by N.Ott.

Forgot to mention ...... the local TV station was there filming their 4 second clip. We were so surprised to see ourselves on the 11PM news. LOL

I plan to return to the Show on Sat. 3/22 for the demos, lectures and more.


Mary Lynn said...

Gosh, I haven't been here in a while. All your work is awesome!

country mouse said...

What beautiful quilts. I haven't been able to go to a quilt show in a while, but love to go to them when I can...such inspiration!! Thanks for sharing such nice pictures. And how cool to see yourselves on t.v. too!! :cD

Debi said...

The Eureka quilt is beautiful, I see why it was best in show.

Mary Johnson said...

Beautiful quilts - thanks for sharing the photos.

Lisa Boyer said...

LOVE the colors in the first!