March 23, 2008

Happy Easter Everyone

The Easter bunny stopped at our house, leaving 3 neat Easter baskets for our 3 GC.

GD#1 received a sweet basket. The bunny left here gold post earrings, movie pass, gourmet jelly beans, eggs with money and candy. Plus a special treat of dill pickles and Mountain Dew.

GS who is all boy. That Easter bunny certainly knows his stuff. He brought Bee Game for the Wii, special sports car, mini M&M, dinosaur eggs with candy. Plus more eggs with money, movie pass and the special Sunkist soda.

GD#2 will be so surprised. Easter bunny brought her a fancy alarm clock, movie pass, eggs with candy and money, sugarless gum. She also got a special cell phone charm, all sparkle and pink. Not to mention Diet Coke, too.

Now next year I'm going to plan (in advance) and make this adorable Carrot Table Runner string quilt. I've already started to collect oranges, yellow and all in between. It's quilted ... you know quilt as you go method.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and didn't eat too much.