March 14, 2008

Project Linus # 9 and #10 Quilts

I made a personal committment to donate 12 quilts to Project Linus this year ...... today I turn in #9 and #10.

I try to make my donated quilts in the range of 40 x 50 and although these 2 are "girlie" I almost always make boy quilts. Boy quilts are in great demand as are larger teen size quilts. Girlie/baby quilts outnumber boy quilts 4 to 1 across the country.

I turned in 8 quilts back on Project Linus Blanketeer Day, Feb. 16. All of these were boy quilts.

This one is 52.5 inch x 34.5 inch, quilted with hearts and loops (front and back).

This one is 50.5 inch x 36.5 inch, quilted also with hearts and loops (front and back).


Irene said...

I don't know how you do it all! You produce more in a week than I do in a year.

Debi said...

YOur PL quilts are adorable.