October 31, 2008

Big Red Band Bingo Quilts .... Four (4)

My GD#1 is a High School junior. She plays the flute in the Band ....... a High School Military Marching Band.

February 2009 the Band will travel to Walt Disney World in Florida to perform. They are fund raising like crazy. I have donated the following four (4) quilts. Saturday evening they'll have a Bingo Fund Raiser .... I hope the quilts bring in a good amount of money for them.

#1. Americana Quilt

Quilted with Ebb and Flow pantograph by Hermione Agee from Willow Leaf

Backing is red fleece .... School colors are Red and White

#2. Mickey Mouse Warm Wishes Quilt

Quilted with Sprung LG pantograph by Jodi Bemish from Willow Leaf

I had to fussy cut in order to get the exact block pattern I needed.

Since these quilts are for the band I use music note fabric for the backing ... perfect.

#3. Bar Quilt with border of LIPS

Quilted with Timeless Hearts LG pantograph from Willow Leaf

Backing is an off center 4 patch. Pattern (free) by Mary.

#4. Pink and White String Quilt

Quilted with Angel Wings pantograph by Jodi Bemish from Willow Leaf.


House Remodel Continues (3)

DD#1 house remodel continues ..........

Start out with neat, clean equipment.

Ceiling is ready to be stamped. Unfortunately something went wrong with the mix and ir produced these things hanging down that looked like half of a ping pong ball. No photo (sorry).

Funny thing the hallway came out perfect. Maybe a bad mix got used in the kitchen, living and dining room. Or maybe it was just way too cold outside and too warm inside. Ceiling had to be sanded off again (2nd time). I love the hallway lights DD#1 choose.

All cabinets, doors ... everything is covered with plastic to protect from paint and ceiling stamp.

Priming the walls.

Oh boy carpet selection time. A nice Berber. The new furniture is lovely.

OK ceiling was sanded for the 2nd time, primed and restamped (2nd stamping).

Oops big problems where the hallway meets the living/dining room. Oh dear.

Unfortunately the new stamping product and design did not turn out as expected. It's UGLY, thick and too close together. In real time it looks like embossed wallpaper from the 70's. So for the 3rd time ceiling will be sanded, primed and restamped. Third time is charm (we hope).

We can't say enough about Harrison Construction ....... they are wonderful.

Stay Tuned.

Sorry about the spacing blogger has gone crazy, I guess.

Hot Water Heater Problem

Do you know what this problem is ?????????

Yep it's a crappy hot water heater ........... leaking !!!!!!!!!! Stayed up until 3AM draining the thing.

A few towels used ..... trying to keep the water contained in the laundry room.

Well that didn't work ..... seeped under our brand new laminate flooring. Boo Hoo ..... we'll probably have to pull up some of it and replace as it's already hoving up slightly in the hallway. We don't even have all the baseboards back up yet. DAMN

Here's the new baby ($800 plus). We did go for the drain pan this time (something new I guess) for protection.

We considered installing the tankless heater but we'd need extensive vent work, extra pump to get instant hot water and etc. so we decided to wait until next time. LOL

Now I have a mountain of laundry to get done. A woman's work is never done.

When it rains, it pours.

Yellow Snow

Isn't this the weirdest ...... looks like YELLOW SNOW.

Photos don't do justice ....... spectacular in person.

Do you know what the yellow snow is????? (scroll down for the answer, you'll be surprised).

Surprised ........ yep Ginkgo Leaves

I always thought they were really big ........ wonderful things come in small packages is still true. They were spectacular in person.

We Voted, Have You ????

We're Off To Vote

Where we vote downtown

Opposite end of town ..... St. X on the right (our Parish) . WOW isn't the sky blue, beautiful.

City Building

The new Bureau of Public Debt building

I'm not a political person, I don't examine to the inth degree, I pick, I vote. With that it's over for us .... we voted on Thursday. I'm GLAD it's done.

Comments will NOT be approved ......... we voted how we wanted. Yes, we voted the same.

Happy Halloween