October 31, 2008

Big Red Band Bingo Quilts .... Four (4)

My GD#1 is a High School junior. She plays the flute in the Band ....... a High School Military Marching Band.

February 2009 the Band will travel to Walt Disney World in Florida to perform. They are fund raising like crazy. I have donated the following four (4) quilts. Saturday evening they'll have a Bingo Fund Raiser .... I hope the quilts bring in a good amount of money for them.

#1. Americana Quilt

Quilted with Ebb and Flow pantograph by Hermione Agee from Willow Leaf

Backing is red fleece .... School colors are Red and White

#2. Mickey Mouse Warm Wishes Quilt

Quilted with Sprung LG pantograph by Jodi Bemish from Willow Leaf

I had to fussy cut in order to get the exact block pattern I needed.

Since these quilts are for the band I use music note fabric for the backing ... perfect.

#3. Bar Quilt with border of LIPS

Quilted with Timeless Hearts LG pantograph from Willow Leaf

Backing is an off center 4 patch. Pattern (free) by Mary.

#4. Pink and White String Quilt

Quilted with Angel Wings pantograph by Jodi Bemish from Willow Leaf.



Mary Johnson said...

They're all cute but you know I'm partial to the pink strings!

jovaliquilts said...

Wow! I love the pink strings!!

Meaghan said...

Wow I love your work! Quilts are so wonderful :) I wish I knew how to make them. I would love to be able to make small ones and donate them to kids fighting cancer at Dana Farbers Childrens Hospital.

Wonderful work! I got you into the coffee giveaway so good luck :)

We are going to do a special this month, buy 3 lbs of coffee and get 2 oz surprise flavor :)