October 31, 2008

Hot Water Heater Problem

Do you know what this problem is ?????????

Yep it's a crappy hot water heater ........... leaking !!!!!!!!!! Stayed up until 3AM draining the thing.

A few towels used ..... trying to keep the water contained in the laundry room.

Well that didn't work ..... seeped under our brand new laminate flooring. Boo Hoo ..... we'll probably have to pull up some of it and replace as it's already hoving up slightly in the hallway. We don't even have all the baseboards back up yet. DAMN

Here's the new baby ($800 plus). We did go for the drain pan this time (something new I guess) for protection.

We considered installing the tankless heater but we'd need extensive vent work, extra pump to get instant hot water and etc. so we decided to wait until next time. LOL

Now I have a mountain of laundry to get done. A woman's work is never done.

When it rains, it pours.

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elsie123 said...

Poor thing, I feel your pain. I recently put in new floors, and I would have been so upset had something like that happened. My water heater is in the garage, thank heavens, but thoughts of busted waterpipes crossed my mind. Hope it all comes out well. Probably a good think the baseboards aren't down yet...