October 16, 2008

Fall Into Fall GiveAway WINNERS

EDIT: 10/17 .... I've discovered that even thought I made one of my rules "you must have a blog" that many return emails were "no reply". So I'm sorry but "no reply" emails are disqualified from winning. I had to be able to contact each person via the email notice sent to me by Blogger.com when you commented.

DH has selected a new numbers ...... "T" is the new winner of the journal.

Winners have been selected by random ....... each person was assigned a number ...... DH pulled four (4) from the box.

Thanks so much for joining my part of the GiveAway. Congratulations to all my winners. I've emailed each of the winners but names are posted click HERE

1 comment:

Val said...

I postes a comment tellin you how excited that I am on the last post. I am telling you this is so exciting and made my day. I am having a new grandson in Dec. I will be using this quilt. I promise I will treasure it. Thank you so much.