March 20, 2008

Quilt Studio Mess

Well I'm just sick ... we ran out to WalMart Wednesday evening to help the Easter Bunny with his shopping for the GC. When we got home our back yard and side yard was flooded. AND so is half of my quilting studio wet. No real depth of water but the commercial carpet is soaked about 14 ft into the room. What a mess, my poor quilt studio. None of my machines nor Prince Charming were harmed.

I had a pedicure scheduled this morning (Thursday) ... was going to cancel but figured I might as well cheer myself up. Then had my hair cut. DH came home at lunchtime to continuing sucking and place more fans. Not too much of my stuff got too wet. If I had been putting my goodies away when purchased I wouldn't be in this big mess. All my machines are ok .. just got the bottoms of their feet cleaned. LOL

Going to relax .......


Anonymous said...

I feel for ya. Last summer our now 4yr old flooded the upstairs bathroom. The water ran for about an hour before we got home. Lets just say it was a 6000.00 mess! only a few of my quilting fabrics got wet. Oh well I did get new carpet,flooring and sheetrocked walls out of it!

Irene said...

WOW - I don't think I've ever seen all those pictures of your sewing room before. Where did you get your cutting table? I LOVE the old wooden drawers (I forget what they're called) and your ironing board is to die for. At least your feet are happy :-)

SandyQuilts said...

Where did you get your cutting table?
The base and top are from IKEA 6 years ago. The base can be used for lots of things ... IKEA had it in a kitchen display with a sink in it. The top is formica.

I LOVE the old wooden drawers.
This little jewel we believe was used in a hardware store to house nails and such. OR it might have been used as a printer for type setting. I'm planning to sell it to free up floor space.

your ironing board is to die for.
Thank you. A friend's DH made 2 so she gave me one.

Lisa Boyer said...

So sorry to hear about your flooding! Hope you dry out soon.