December 6, 2008

Table Decoration Craft

GD#2 is a Girl Scout. Sun. evening the girls will be cooking dinner for their families at the Parish Hall. Each girl selected a Country to represent and was responsible for making the table decoration. She selected the United States.

DH and GD#2 made the candle setup ... those are foam bowls in jelly jars and gravel. The white and red around the bottom are scarfs I made several years ago. They shredded blue napkins and red paper (it was white on the other side) to make the confetti. I made the green and red Christmas firecrackers .. they have jingle bells inside of toilet paper holders.

They did a wonderful job I think.

Merry Christmas

EDIT: I guess my crafting all these years has rubbed off on DH ....... way to go sweetheart.


Irene said...

I always knew you had great imagination and it has rubbed off on the rest of your family! WTG Doug & Brianna!

Carolyn said...

Great job to both of them.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...