December 28, 2008

Quilt Closet SLOB, I'm working on it

A couple weeks ago I embarassed myself by writing Quilting Studio SLOB. It took me a whole day to clean up. I promised myself and the world that after Christmas I would clean out/up my fabric/book/magazine/craft closet .... that time has come.
A few photos of the mess, it's a really big mess.

The closet is 14 ft long, 8 ft high and 42 inches deep. Yep it holds a bunch, too much.

Books, magazines and craft side.

AND this video shows my studio (formerly a 2 car garage) with only the closet floor and 1st shelf emptied out ..... where did all this stuff come from ..... how did it get here ... is it going back in the closet .... nope. I'm planning to sort out what I no longer love, donate to various sewing groups and just plain give away to friends or strangers. LOL

OK it's back to work for me ........ Closet Super SLOB.


Kristie said...

ohhhhh! I could shop and play for days in your sewing room!!!!

Have fun!

Irene said...

My Internet has been down all day so I just saw this now. It is SO GOOD to hear your voice again! I am so proud of you for cleaning out your closet. Just keep thinking how good you will feel when it's all done.

Butterfly said...

Can I come play in your closet and help clean up?? I could sort it out " one for you, two for me"

I laughed as loud as you did at the end of your video.


Val said...

I have a big mess too, but the baby being born is slowing me down. I haven't been home much the last few days. I just wanted to tell you that the quilt you gave us is the quilt she used to cover the car seat as we carried him home today from the hospital. It made me so proud. It is so beautiful. Thank you, again.

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Your closet looks better than my studio at the moment. I need to work on clearing up...but want to sew instead!

Drema 2 said...

Hey looks like my closet. I just don't have as much fabric, I have totes yarn and more yarn coats.
Help let me get off the merry go round.

Unknown said...

Count me in on this give away also. LOL I'm a stranger. I like what butterfly said, she'll help you. One for you, two for her, and three for me. lol Good job. said...

Don't feel bad. Mine looks like a bomb hit it and then come back and hit it again. But the strange thing..I can almost put my finger on anything I need. I have to straighten it up..One good thing I have one room upstairs at the end of my house..A stairway with an area on both sides of the stairway. I know that is strange but works real good. Gary put a board on top of the stairs and we have an excellent cutting area. He has the right side of the stairs and I have the left. Like I said. LOOKS HORRIBLE but I can close off the bottom of the stairs and no one would know how bad it looks. I may get brave and submit pictures on my blog one day. So don't feel bad. Chris

Sherry said...

Oh. I looked in my stash closet. I take back the last

Unknown said...

Oh Wow, that is a real collection. What a job. I'm just starting mine but since I've only been sewing for 4 years my mess is not quite this big. MESS did I say Mess.. how dare I. Fabric is TREASURE! This is your treasure chest haha.
Super blog. I'll be back