December 15, 2008

Quilt Room SLOB, that's me

I'm a SLOB.

What a wreck my quilting room has become .... I don't put things away, I don't throw things out, I have too many projects going and more .... you know what I'm talking about. So ....

Quilting Room is CLOSED until it gets clean up ........ ugh

My cutting table .........
Under my sewing table

Under my cutting table

Under the side of my cutting table ....

My closet which is 14 ft x 8 ft x 42 inches.

Half is fabric ..........

Half is books, magazines and other

Christmas fabric not put away in the closet

Side of sewing table

Fabric that won't fit in the closet. Plus I have fabric in 2 bedroom closets upstairs.

Love seat with finished charity quilts, quilt tops and units to make into top. Oh and Christmas gifts not wrapped yet.

Where GC have toys. The desk where homework is done by GS. AND Christmas gifts hiding in plain site.

My portable like desk and boxes of stuff from the last time I cleaned up the room that needed to be sorted.

And PRINCE .... projects started, projects to do and he's become a hanger of sorts.

I am a SLOB.


Vicki W said...

If it makes you happy, who cares! My husband is a realy slob. The garage is his. It's a total pig sty and I don't go in there - EVER. He's happy. I'm happy.

Kristie said...

Giggle! It doesn't look that bad but I know what you mean about not putting things away! I do the say thing!

I will come and clean for SCRAPS!

Anonymous said...

That is OK Mommy - I am just like you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lets see if I can leave this. Hi! it's L.L. and completly understand. that is why I join the stash busters and am now in the process of getting myself and my room in order. I have only UFO's - I have not completed a project in years...... that is a sad truth. but I sure do start them, and plan them and , well, you get the picture. But enough is enough and I have to break the cycle. I am here for you, lets get it done together. (soft puch of shoulder!) lets do it!!

jovaliquilts said...

Oh, my quilting room gets so out of control, too!!! It's a constant struggle.

Anonymous said...

At least you can close the door.
When are you scheduling Kristie for Cleaning for Scraps? I want the before hers :)
No. I do not have any place to put it. I'm thinking to take the bikes out of the storage shed - do they really need to be safe and dry?