December 4, 2008

Tutorial for Christmas Napkins

Christmas Napkins

I've been making lots of the napkins, they are quick, cute and perfect. Many have asked for the pattern. I started with the free pattern on Craft Sanity's website. I made one and showed it to my DH who ooed-ahhed and said "that's alot of fabric", "why don't you cut it in half". He's always my sounding board and color consultant. Hmmm I said to myself "ok, I'll give it a try". They are now PERFECT.

OK now on with 'my' tutorial based on Craft Sanity.

2 pieces of fabric, right sides together, pin on your pattern. I used a 18 inch circle, cut in half. Cut out. I used a rotary cutter but you can use scissors.

You can barely see my 2nd piece of fabric but it was green (right corner) and a Santa print. You could easily use same fabric on both sides.

Sew using 1/4 inch seam, be sure to leave an openeing a couple inches so you can turn the napkin.

Cut off the corners, clip the curve, then turn right side out. If you have pinking shears then you won't need to clip the curve (I couldn't find mine).

Poke out the corners 'carefully', press nicely.

Top stitch the napkin. I used Coats'n'Clark embroidery thread ... I like the sheen.

Follow the folding instructions on Crafty Sanity's website. She has a video on how to fold but remember she is using a full circle but the folding technique is the same. That's it, my way.

I hope to make more napkins in other fabrics for next year. LOL

Oh Crafty Sanity has an adorable potholder/hotpad tutorial you might like. AND a video too.

Here are some made by Deb here and here. She used a different pattern.

Merry Quilting .........


Anonymous said...

This is a really cute (and easy looking) project. Nice tutorial too.

Happy holidays!

jovaliquilts said...

Thanks for the tutorial! These are really cute and a new one for me. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Lovely napkins! Thanks so much for the wonderful tutorial. Your technique is very easy and so festive!!

Irene said...

You're the best! They are so cute and your tutorial is great. Are you taking orders?

Mary Johnson said...

Deb's used a half circle too and 2 different fabrics. I found the pattern here and sent her some fabric along with it...hoping she'd make and send me some and she did!

Wilma Lee said...

Very nice tutorial. I will have to try those.

Anonymous said...

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