March 1, 2009

The Quilting Bee

New quilting forum at DelphiForums at Quilting Bee
I 'borrowed' Kimberly's (group owner) wording ..........
What is The Quilting Bee ........................

A quilting bee is a gathering of quilters who come together to begin, work on, or complete, a quilt. In the "olden days," quilting bees were commonplace events in order to accommodate the quick completion of a quilt, usually for special occasions such as weddings. Today, quilting bees are common place gatherings to enable the quick completion of multiple quilts for charitable projects, such as Project Linus.

The Quilting Bee forum was created by a group of online friends to have a place to meet where we can discuss anything, and everything, quilting, or not. We will work towards challenging each other to better our quilting skills, and even learn some new techniques. There will be swaps, and block challenges, as well as the annual Quilt Challenge for Project Linus, co-sponsored by
So, come and join our quilting bee. We are glad to have you.
I'm an internet and email junkie ...... The Quilting Bee is one of my favorites but you'll find me chatting lots. I also love the forum at HGTV ..... HERE One of my favorite groups are The Stashbusters .... we have a photo blog HERE TOO
See ya on the internet somewhere ................. LOL


Crispy said...

Hi Sandy, I'm so glad I found the new forum. Kept going over to the old one and felt like I was all alone LOL. I've added you to my blog list.


Improvedliving said...

The new forum is really helpful. I am glad i found it.

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