March 9, 2009

Here Fishie, Fishie

The little fishies are happy with the weather ....... they're hoping that it stays warm and no more frozen, cold, icy layer on top.

Some food makes them really happy.

I've been breaking the ice and let me tell you it's hard work.

We did have a fatality .... poor old guy .... he had a good, long life.

The alligator can't wait to get back to the pond with the fishie.

Just a few weeks ago the grass was white and the pond was frozen solid.

NOTE: In the winter they sleep and stay on the bottom of the pond. We don't feed them. I only started breaking the ice when temperaturs started warming up. There's no way I can break the ice during winter .... freezes several inches.


Crispy said...

Oh how fun to have a fish pond. How do they eat during the winter and the top is all frozen?


Carolyn said...

I'm sure the fishie are glad that spring is coming. How many do you have?
Carolyn in WV

Mad Red Hare said...

My fish were up at the top of the water too. It was so nice here this weekend. Be careful breaking the ice on your pond. It could tear your liner,or if it is plastic, it could crack it. I put a tea kettle on the stove and get the water boiling and then put it on the pond. It will melt a spot in the ice. The frogs were also singing here! I love that sound!

Material Girl said...

If you pour boiling water on the ice, it's safer on the fish and easier than chipping at it.