March 25, 2009

Bad, I've been bad

Saturday, March 20 was National Quilt Day. I didn't stitch or quilt a single item. I've been feeling a little down lately so last week and this week I did some treating .... treating to myself.

I bought myself some stiks from the Woolen Willow Shop. I stopped there after visiting my father in the nursing home. Yes I know you see that jelly roll .... bought it at WalMart on Friday morning for $20.00 .... I'm just curious but the fabrics do seem to be ok.

Now a week or so ago when all the things started with my father I read about Suzanne Earley of MQResources longarm forum having a BIG sale to make room for more goodies. So, of course, I stopped by her Knots and Bolts online Store. I couldn't resist the prices ... beautiful, lovely GREAT fabric.

Now on Saturday I had these coupons for JC Penney's burning in my pocket. I can't remember the last time I purchased clothing for myself .... long long time. About 2 months ago I started exercising again (Summer is coming you know) and keeping my eating in check. I keep my GC during the summer and we live at the North Hills Swim & Racquet Club (my own DD's swam and played tennis there too). We love it and our pool manager, Linda, is the BEST. So DH and I headed to Penney's after our workouts at the YMCA to shop. Unfortunately he didn't find a thing.
I struck gold. Three (3) new swimsuits (size 10), 2 new bras and 3 new workout tshirts (size M). I'm very pleased and thrilled with my goodies.

Everyone who knows me knows I LOVE SUMMER and I LOVE HOT WEATHER ....... bring it on, I'm, ready !


Crispy said...

Naw you weren't bad LOL. A girl has to treat herself once in a while or we become crabby...that's my story & I'm sticking to it.


Donna said...

We all have to be bad sometimes, LOL. I too am curious about the fabric jelly rolls from WW, so let us know how they turn out to be. Congratulations on the great finds at Penney's.