November 21, 2008

All Clean and Ready

Can you guess what this means?????

Well it means we dumped all the food from our deep freeze onto our back porch .... yep it's cold outside, really cold ........ it's frigid out there. Twice a year we buy 1/4 of a side of beef from friends who raise Murray Grey's. They're not in the "selling of beef" market but do sell off a couple cows to friends. We were co-workers at GE Plastics for many many years.

The beef is just about perfect .... very lean, no chemicals .... we love it. We're getting 187.5 pounds this time around. The meat packing place does 1 lb packages, no fat added and freeze it solid.

Our freezer has been creeping into the ice age for sometime ... see photo below. DH took a hair dryer to melt it some so he could pry it off. Only took him about 45 min.

Our freezer is free of ice, clean and ready. Now to lug all the food back down to the freezer (we live in a split entry).

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