November 10, 2008

Lipstick Plant

I noticed this morning how nice our lipstick plant looks ...... the blooms are so red.

We've had the plant a few months shy of 2 yr. It was one of the plants we received when DH's mother passed away. DH repotted it this summer. I can't believe the blooms. It's very pretty.


Summerset said...

My grandmother had one of these - she died a few years ago and seeing yours reminded me of her. Her plant was very old - actually is was older than me. If my aunt has kept it alive, it is well over 40 years old - yes, it is huge, too!

jovaliquilts said...

A lipstick plant -- what a cute name! It looks kind of like a Christmas cactus. I wonder if they're related, or maybe even one plant with various names?

Carolyn said...

Beautiful plant. I had one several years ago and we called it a Christmas cactus. I think both names could apply to it.
Carolyn in WV