November 29, 2008

Dining Room Chairs Upholstery

My MIL gave me her dining room furniture. It's quite old probably 1930's-1940's. The set consists of table with 6 chairs, china cabinet and buffet. I have a dining room suite so DD#1 wanted the table and china cabinet.. We're recovering the dining room chairs as part of her birthday .... (shhhh she'll be 40 on Dec. 2).

First off comes the seats.

The chairs are reconditioned with Formby's Lemon Oil (love that stuff).

The seat are quite hard. Foam added to the seat will help ... to keep it in place I used painters blue tape.

Back side of seat.

She picked out upholstery fabric when Joann's had it at 50% off .... great deal.

I like to add regular cotton fabric underneath the upholstery to give it stability.

To hold it all together I use quilting basting spray, lightly.

Now that foam is a little hard so I got the idea of adding 2 layers of fleece. I scrounged around in my fleece scraps and zig zaged them together. That is know as "stashbusting".

Upholstery fabric is cut about 3" larger than the actual seat size. I did this so I'd have plenty of wrap around to accommodate the foam, 2 layers of fleece and 2 layers of cotton.

We decided to stable the cotton lining on first. This way we didn't have to worry about anything sliding or getting out of place.

Just a few stables all around to hold it in place.

I cut out the corners to reduce the bulk.

Corners are neatly folded over and stapled in place.

The upholstery fabric is stapled on, the opposing corners are stabled.. The fabric was fraying a bit so I used Fray Check only on the upholstery fabric.

The last touch was DH used a touch-up marker to fix scratches on the chairs.
The seats turned out beautifully ......



Irene said...

You are so darned talented - those turned out beautifully! Happy Birthday to Shanon too!

jovaliquilts said...

Wow, gorgeous! What a nice tutorial. I recovered our dining room chair seats, but I'm afraid I didn't do it as elegantly as you did.

Summerset said...

Fabulous job - what a great gift! Happy BDay to her!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Wowee, nice work! Thanks for the step by step photos!! And thanks for visiting me and entering my giveaway. Good luck to you! Serena

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