February 5, 2008

Webshots Update

Webshots is back up for the 1000's of us who were locked out since January 31, 2008.

They didn't bother to answer any emails except for the auto reply thingie. I have their blog address now so will be leaving notes whenever necessary ... they probably don't read those either. Here's a some important information to keep handy for the next time 800-305-6766. If you want to email your suggestions (complaints): help@americangreetings.com and customersupport@webshots.com

Apparently webshots changed their IP address or something along those lines so many who were on AOL, COX, Suddenlink, PadotNet, Verizon DSL, Broadband (UK) and other ISP's around the World were locked out. It took their engineers awhile to figure out the problem. I knew I was in big trouble when I was unable to ping webshots IP address. They could have notified us of the update and problems. After all they love to send out ads which I don't want.

Just a few of the comments that were posted on Webshots blog.


Heather Cacak said...

Hi Sandy! It's Heather, from the WW boards. :) My blog is located at http://thewwchick.blogspot.com/

Jan said...

You have been tagged, please see my blog for details!!!! (It's Texas Jan from the Quilting Passion forum!) I was so excited to see you had a blog!