February 1, 2008

My Cat ..... His Cat

Meet Sweetie. She's a stray who our GC took in 6yrs ago. Unfortunately for my GC Sweetie wasn't into petting and being chased. So for 2yrs she lived under our barn storage building then one day I coaxed her into my house and as they say "the rest is history". She's still pretty much outside person except in cold weather. She, like most cats, does her own thing and loves to leave me gifts (birds, rabbits and etc) during warm weather.

Now meet Mister (alias Misty). He is a one-man cat .... DH. They sleep together, they lay on the couch together, they even use the laptop together. Mister even scratches at the bathroom door when DH is inside, he follows him everywhere ..... I think Mister thinks he's a DOG.

Mister is also a stray. He started hanging out here last summer and promptly walked in the house and stayed. He too is more of an outside cat but doesn't bring me or DH "gifts". Mister only drinks from his paw ... he would dump out the bowl and make a mess. DH devised his 'drinking stand' now no spilled water.

Sweetie and Mister usually do the "Mexican Stand-off" when they're in the same room but so far not too many problems. Both have been spayed so don't be asking me for a kitty. LOL

We have a couple other cats who visit from time to time. See I leave a bowl of food on my back porch just in case. There's the TWIN who looks exactly like Sweetie, then there's BISCUIT and CHEDDAR, and of course MISTER KITTY from across the street who drop by. I don't want anyone to go hungry and they know food is always available at Nanny's and Pappy's house.

And yes Sweetie has her own quilt as does Mister ..... both quilted on Prince.


Irene said...

Awwww, they are both so cute! I bet Sweetie isn't going out much in this freezing weather.

Carolyn said...

My aunt has 2 cats and they bring her gifts too, especially in warm weather. And Sandy, like you, she leaves feed outside in case some others drop by.

Debi said...

What beautiful kitties. Come visit my blog for my latest giveaway.


Deborah Levy said...

Great kitty stories. They are both cute! I love cats! we have 2 ( the limit set by my DH) I could easily be the old lady with a gazillion cats left to my own devices..LOL