September 22, 2008

Flooring, Butterscotch Oak

Ahhhhhhhhhh isn't the floor beautiful ....... we love it. And now the story behind the beauty. (we still have a few things to finish up) The laminate flooring is from Lowe's, special order Pergo, Butterscotch Oak.

In case you don't remember way back last Christmas we had a water line break causing water to come into our family room. Of course, the carpet was done for .... thank goodness ... I hated that white carpet. (side thought here: this house has white carpet in every room, yes every room, and not only that but it's 5 different white carpets ..... UGH a big UGH). So the hunt was on except I wanted laminate. DH pulled up the carpet over several weeks and for several months we lived with concrete floor. In fact, I said let's just paint the floor, lay down the area rug and move on.

So we finally find a laminate we like at Lowe's ..... we ordered ...... we waited. It comes in, DH brings it home. It sits on our fireplace hearth for another few months while we discuss what to do. At one point I say .... take it back and we'll buy carpet.

OK first you buy a saw and put it on your grandmother's table.

You allow the flooring to sit for several days (in our case couple months) so it can adjust to the indoor climate.

Then you discover after removing all the baseboards that your drywall doesn't come all the way to the floor. So you have to cut pieces to fit so that your flooring doesn't slide under.

Put down your vapor barrier ..... different types for different floors.

This is a problem we haven't solved yet ...... round pole (holds up the house) which is now in a square hole. If you have any ideas we'd love to hear them.

Not all cuts are even but hey the doorway thingie will cover that it where floor meets quilting studio carpet.

Reinstall the baseboards and etc.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh doesn't it look nice. Yes, 2 walls are painted RED.

It took awhile for DH and SIL to get it installed .... we have lots of busy evenings and weekends.

To make this quilty .... someday I plan to make a small quilt for over our fireplace. Maybe something like seasons then we can change it out. I'm taking suggestions.....

I love it. You do have to dust everyday ..... all that dust your don't see with carpet YOU DO SEE with laminate/hardwood floors. I still love it.


Carolyn said...

Beautiful, I love mine too. It is so much easier to take care of. Good job. I would like to do more, but not sure where we want to start.
Carolyn in WV WW

wildcatmom said...

Could you trim out the bottom like they finish columns? You could make those poles look more like a decorative feature.