December 30, 2007

A Extremely Important Item .... (why?)

Yes, water is important to our health and well being. BUT have you considered how important it is when your water is turned OFF due to a broken water line causing a leak into your house.

We are in day 4 without water. On Christmas Eve we discovered wet carpet in our family room. Checked the drain thingies outside ... they're fine ... no rain ... we thought it was a fluke. Christmas morning the carpet is wet about 6 feet into the room. So we move all the gifts upstair to open. In the afternoon DH gets out the shop vac and starts ... that will take care of it he says also pulled the carpet back . WRONG!!!!!!! He continues sucking the next day. I insisted he call someone ... anyone. DH has a light blub moment and says we must have a broken water line. He goes outside to check the meter and YEP that sucker is going around like crazy. Plummer shows up in the late afternoon on Thursday. As you know this is a holiday week with a holiday weekend coming up. That's right ..... they might be able to come on Monday ... if not maybe on Wednesday.

So those little jugs are very important. Luckily for us our DD#1 lives behind us so we can shower and full up all our jugs with that precious clear stuff WATER.


Jen said...

OMG, that's a nightmare!!!!! We just had water dripping in through our roof and patio door but this is a completely different story. It's a good thing you live so close to family and can use theirs...unless of course the water main affected them too.

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Yes, a total nightmare! My dad remodeled my one and only full bathroom a few years ago and it was out of commission for a full week. I thought I would die! I had to drive over to their house to shower everyday. What a pain! But I couldn't imagine not having water in the house for a day much less more than that. I hope that they get it all straightened out SOON!!!