December 1, 2007

3 Snowmen in the Window




This 3 Snowmen in the Window is for my DD#1 birthday Sunday. The snowkids represents her 3 children. Each child is done in their favorite color (GD#1 purple; GS red; GD#2 pink).

The button eyes I found in DH's grandmothers button box ... they were $.10 in 1958 ... aren't they perfect. I used Warm Blend batting for the snowkids plus fleece and fabric to for the hats, glove and scarfs. I borrowed this idea from a friend on the HGTV message board .... her ideas of using fleece/buttons to give dimension and life to the project.

I'm not a freehand long armer ... pantographs are my mainstay .... but I stepped out of the box and with school chalk did my freehand work. Whewwwwwwwww

I searched out snowmen and snowman on webshots for quilting ideas as I lack imagination. The pattern is from 2004 The Quilter Magazine

Shhhhhh she'll be 39 tomorrow (12/2).

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