December 23, 2007

Fleece Quilting AND Gift Bags... How I did it

Fleece Quilting: OK you wanted to know "how did you quilt on fleece" .... this is how .... I did it on Prince Charming.

Jen asked me about the threads so thought I'd write here what I told her that works for "me". I almost always use SoFine (top) and BottomLine (bobbin). Now on some of my fleece quilts I used Aurifil thread. I never use cotton threads due to lint. Of course, fleece puts out the fuzzy stuff which I try to keep it cleaned off. My Nolting doesn't like cotton thread.

Pink one with hearts/loops aurifil top and bottom.
Maroon/off white aurifil and bottomline.
Ballerina/pink SoFine with super bobs.
Blue/brown SoFine with BottomLine.
Butterfly/pink SoFine (top and bottom).
Blue/White SoFine with BottomLine.
Frogs/Green Aurifil with super bobs.

I really think using poly on fleece is the best ..... fleece is poly too. I think with heavy use the cotton thread would breakdown on fleece. I never used bottomline on top and bottom ....... I've read where others have. I just don't have the experience of fooling with the tension to try bottomline top/bottom.

I also forgot that I love Isacord thread ....... almost as much as SoFine. I also love the price of Isacord . Jamie Wallen recommends Isacord. He was an instructor at the long arm retreat I attended in October 2007 in Mansfield, Ohio.

Gift Bags: I have about .... 200 Gift Bags now .... (great stashbuster) .... made on my Singer serger (very old) and my Janome 6500P (love Janome).

So tell me ..... what do you think?????


Jen said...

What kind of thread did you use in the top and bobbin?

Irene said...

You really are amazing - how did you do those tutorials on Webshots? Why don't you live next door to me :-(