December 16, 2007

Header .... YIKES what happened??????

Hey my header is all squished ...... what happened??? BUMMER
When my GC had spring break we made 16 animal cage quilts for the local Humane Society. It was fun, they learned something and can't wait to do it again. My header is suppose to look like this ...... boo hoo


Kim said...

very cute - and I love all the quilts for the animals:) I just adopted Moose from the local adoption agency.
As for the pattern, I don't if there is one. But the link on my post brings you to Paula's blog, Coffeetime Quilt Studios and she made it. Thanks for stopping by

Nancy E said...

Hey, I just LOVE the header!! I was trying to figure out how you did that and it had me looking sideways... or not.... very unusual, but fantastic!! I also have a question about the fleece quilts. If I use the fleece for the batting/backing, do I have to wash it first (I don't usually wash my cottons before piecing unless they are dark colors)? Will it 'shribble' the pieced side if I don't? I'd love to try using fleece as the backing/batting, but I'm afraid!!!