December 30, 2007

A block for Mary

One blog I read everyday is Mary ..... she is so creative and productive. Recently Mary posted that she wanted to make her very own string quilt ..... I contributed this block.

I wanted my block to tell a story. Mary did request that the center string be a medium blue. The lower half of the block is all about Mary and the top half is all about me.

Center blue: Mississippi River that separates our States (MN and WV).

Butterflies: Minnesota State Insect - Monarch Butterfly
White: Minnesota State Beverage - Milk
Ducks: Minnesota State Animal - Common Loon
Yellow: Mary's cute dog, Chesty

Leaves: West Virginia has some of the most fabulous fall leaves
Blue: West Virginia State Slogan - Almost Heaven, West Virginia
Yellow - West Virginia State Insect - Honey Bee
Black - My own 2 cats, Sweetie and Mister

I hope you visit Mary's photos and free instructional site and one of her passions.


Deborah Levy said...

Sorry about your water woes! Hope it gets resolved soon.
Mary will love your block and all it's meaning..I hope you sent that along with the block.

Hope your New year is happy and healthy, and dry (at least inside)

Darling Jill Quilts said...

I think this block is a really neat idea! It's very pretty, too!

Mary Johnson said...

Yep, I loved it!